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Acebeam Flashlights: Notable Products and Main Feature

Acebeam Flashlights: Notable Products and Main Feature

The Acebeam brand was established in 2014, focusing on the R&D and production of outdoor lighting products, including led flashlights, headlights, weapon lights, etc. Here are some of their notable products and their main features:

Acebeam X75 - This 80,000 lumen high-power flashlight uses a highly efficient 98% constant current boost driver, and a scientific heat dissipation system to increase safety. It comes with a detachable and replaceable fan that supports PD100W-1 hour quick charging and mobile power functions.

Acebeam Pokelit AA - This compact and durable flashlight uses a 219F 5000K CRI90 LED to provide true-to-life color rendition. It comes with a standard 14500 USB-C rechargeable lithium battery, but can also use a standard AA battery. Its moonlight mode is perfect for quiet environments.

Acebeam Pokelit 2AA - This high-color-rendering rechargeable pen light uses a 519A LED to output 600 lumens of brightness with an even and full beam. Its small size makes it ideal for close-range work and illumination, and it is particularly suited for personal protection, police inspections, nursing, and medical applications.

Acebeam E70 - This flashlight features a dual-tube hollow-out design that improves heat dissipation and comes with a variety of finishes. Its unique locking mechanism delivers 4600 lumens of brightness.

Acebeam Rider RX - This innovative decompression AA flashlight supports multiple battery types, making it the most innovative creation of 2022.

Acebeam P18 - This rechargeable tactical flashlight has four-core dual-tail switches, four SFT40 LEDs, and a maximum output of 5000 lumens. Its flexible and versatile tactical/daily modes, wide beam mode, hidden USB-C charging port, and IP68 waterproof performance make it an excellent choice.

Acebeam P17 - This super-compact dual-tail tactical flashlight uses a CREE XHP70.3 HI LED to deliver up to 4900 lumens of brightness and a 445-meter beam distance. Its three daily tactical modes can be used with a red filter and remote pressure switch, and it can be quickly activated with a single click. Its IP68 super-strong waterproofing ensures durability.

Acebeam P16 - This tactical flashlight with dual tail switches can output up to 1800 lumens and has a beam distance of 484 meters. Its dual mode options, clip, and detachable design make it easy to carry and use, and it is compatible with CR123/RCR123 batteries.

Acebeam Defender P15 - This modular dual-switch EDC tactical flashlight can be used with M-LOK and Picatinny rails. It comes with tactical rings and a remote switch, and its modular design is the most innovative product of 2021.

Acebeam L19 2.0 - This long-range hunting flashlight uses an SFT40 LED and TIR lens to project 2200 lumens and a beam distance of 1083 meters. Its 55mm head diameter lens is the longest projection hunting flashlight with the same diameter.

Acebeam L17 - This affordable tactical flashlight runs on a single 18650 battery and has the longest range. It features a TIR lens and excellent circuitry, providing optimal weight, size, and runtime.

Acebeam L35 - This tactical flashlight combines a TIR lens with a 5000K Cree XHP70.2 to deliver a brightness of 5000 lumens.

Acebeam H16 - This is the first high-color-rendering corner headlamp on the market that uses a 519A LED. It produces a 5000K, uniform, and full large beam, which is different from other headlamps because the light is soft, comfortable, and non-glaring. It is compatible with standard AA batteries.

Acebeam H30 - This is a classic headlamp and the brightest among single 21700 battery headlamps. It has multiple colors of auxiliary lights to meet different usage scenarios. For example, the red LED protects your night vision, the UV light is suitable for police and crime scene investigators, and the CRI light can present the original color of the light source for better illumination.

Acebeam H50 2.0 - This upgraded angle headlamp features a unique 170-degree wide-angle floodlight that can fully expand your field of vision. It combines the advantages of floodlight and high-efficiency spotlight beads, which can meet your visual adjustable needs for separate floodlight, spotlight, or both.