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IP Rating

All Acebeam products are equipped with an IP68 waterproof rating. So what is IP68?
IP68 is an international standard code that represents the protection level of a product. It stands for the product's protection level of IP6X and IPX8. IP6X represents the product's protection level against solid objects, where X represents an unknown level. IPX8 represents the product's protection level against liquids, with 8 being the highest protection level.
Specifically, IP6X represents the product's ability to protect against solid particles. The number 6 indicates that the product has complete protection against solid particles with a diameter less than 50 micrometers, ensuring that the product's interior is not affected by solid particles such as dust, sand, or small debris.
IPX8 represents the product's ability to protect against water. The number 8 indicates that the product can be completely waterproof under certain conditions and can be used underwater for a long time, such as underwater cameras and smartwatches. The specific conditions may vary depending on the product, but typically require the product to be able to operate at a certain depth underwater and continue to function normally after a certain amount of time.
IP ratings are important because they can ensure the reliability and durability of devices in specific environments. For devices that require use underwater or in extreme weather conditions, such as phones, watches, cameras, lamps, and power tools, a high IP protection level can effectively protect the device from water, dust, sand, and other external materials. This also makes these devices more reliable, durable, and extends their lifespan, reducing the risk and cost of damage and repairs.
Therefore, an IP68 waterproof rating represents a product with very high protection capabilities that can be used in harsh environments and can continue to function normally for a long time.