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图片 Rider RX 2.0  TI AA Flashlight

Rider RX 2.0 TI AA Flashlight


Constructed from a titanium outer shell with an aerospace-grade aluminum-alloy inner body, the Acebeam Rider RX Ti has a double-layer tube design for better heat dissipation and comes with the two-way clip already fitted. The movement from left to right (and vice versa) of the Clip provides a play for the fingers that can be used as an anti-stress. With a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 Nichia 519A LED and an optical lens provides a soft beam, without particular aberrations, of a flood nature. Compatible with the standard AA battery.

图片 H16 Headlamp Orange (519A-V1 LED)

H16 Headlamp Orange (519A-V1 LED)


The Acebeam H16 orange version is a high color rendering single AA battery powered right angle headlamp sporting a 90 value color rendering index (CRI) 519A-V1 LED which produces 650 lumens max in 5000K neutral white color. It has a magnetic tail, pocket clip, and headband for multiple carry options. Being able to use regular AA batteries is convenient and the included USB-C rechargeable battery performs very well and is charged quickly.

图片 Rider RX 2.0 AA Flashlight

Rider RX 2.0 AA Flashlight


The Acebeam Rider RX 2.0 is an EDC flashlight that uses one 14500 or AA cell, which features a premium LED to reach 1000 lumens. It has a stylish sleek double-layer design. The pocket clip is the crux of the fidget factor on the Acebeam Rider RX flashlight and can be twisted around and then pushed forward for use as a fidget toy.

图片 K75 2.0 Longest Throw Flashlight

K75 2.0 Longest Throw Flashlight


If you are looking for one of the farthest-reaching LED flashlights in the world, the Acebeam K75 2.0 longest-throw flashlight might be for you! It throws monstrous 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) and has a maximum output of 6300 lumens, which is actually the pinnacle of LED flashlight technology. Notice: Only RED LED emitter version in stock currently

图片 Terminator M1 Dual Head LEP/LED Flashlight (Limited Edition)

Terminator M1 Dual Head LEP/LED Flashlight (Limited Edition)


Terminator M1 is Acebeam's first product that combines the latest LEP with LED technologies. Its LEP module produces a zoomable spotlight beam up to 1600 meters (1750 yards), with a distance of more than one mile! Easily switch between Spotlight or Floodlight with a shortcut key. Powered by a high capacity 5000mAh rechargeable USB-C 21700 Li-ion battery. The perfect replacement for the ultimate floodlight, spotlight, signal light or any light.

图片 E75 High Performance Flashlight

E75 High Performance Flashlight


The Acebeam E75 is a high-performance flashlight with a 4500-lumen beam and a throw distance of 260 meters (284 yards). Its quad LEDs with a custom reflector offer a smooth beam for close-up or long-range illumination. Check the battery status with the indicator and charge the included 21700 battery via the USB-C port. The magnetic base allows hands-free lighting on metal surfaces. Waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant up to 1.5m. Perfect for car, camping, industrial, and maintenance use.

图片 H15 2.0 Outdoor Rechargeable Headlamp

H15 2.0 Outdoor Rechargeable Headlamp


The Acebeam H15 2.0 is a dual light source rechargeable headlamp ideal for dynamic outdoor activities. It includes a magnetic base and belt clip for continued hands-free use. Combined with white light and characteristic red light the H15 2.0 headlamp has a max output of 2800 lumens.

图片 Pokelit AA Ti

Pokelit AA Ti


Combining a precious metal titanium with a unique design and distinct markings, Acebeam Pokelit Titanitumum features a neutral high CRI90 Nichia 519A emitter, powered by Acebeam 14500 USB-C rechargeable battery (included), which also can run on AA alkaline/NiMH batteries. This flashlight improves the value of a flashlight, and paired with a good interface and usable output, it is both a useful and collectible tool.

519A  EDC Flashlight

Pokelit AA CU


Pokelit AA is one favorite AA-sized light on the market, the Pokelit AA copper with the pinkish-red hue of copper will certainly make your gear stand out, and as it ages it will develop a beautiful patina that adds a touch of class to your ensemble. It features a neutral high CRI90 Nichia 519A emitter with a very clear and clean round hotspot. Also, this light can run on 14500 lithium-ion batteries or AA alkaline/NiMH batteries.