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Acebeam PT40 is the the multipurpose pocket work light with high luminous efficiency and ultimate performance, which can meets all the versatility you need to handle almost any task.
Searching for a quality tactical or hunting flashlight?Still miss Acebeam W30? You can’t miss the all-new model Acebeam L19 long range hunting flashlight. It is the farthest beam distance by one single battery and one singe LED. This flashlights has a max output of 1650 Lumens. It has an impressive beam distance of 1.3 kilometers, which is 4265 feet. This is the farthest throwing hunting flashlight that has recently come out and it's definitely a hot seller already. It comes with a dual stainless steel switches offer that has user friendly outputs selection of four different levels and an instant turbo, an moonlight mode and a strobe. The lock out function that is equipped prevents the possibility of unintended operation of the flashlight, which keeps it safe and secure. With a far-reaching beam and one-hand operation, L19 will be one of the most popular long range hunting flashlights and tactical flashlights that are out there on the market. Definitely one of the most popular, one of the most well loved!
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