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图片 21700 Li-ion USB-C Rechargeable Battery-5100mAh

21700 Li-ion USB-C Rechargeable Battery-5100mAh

从 $16.90

ACEBEAM IMR21700NP-510A is a new generation high performance cell with a maximum capacity of 5100mAh and a USB-C charging port to remove the need for an external charger. This powerful battery has improved performance, and superior energy density compared to previous 18650 batteries. An ideal companion for the L18 or L19 tactical flashlight from ACEBEAM, an extra 21700 is a great back-up battery to have on hand, as more electronic products and ACEBEAM flashlights will utilize this battery.

图片  25A Rechargeable 21700 Battery - 5100mAh

25A Rechargeable 21700 Battery - 5100mAh

从 $19.90

L-ion IMR chemistry is potent yet stable, providing a reliable power source for portable electronic devices. The Acebeam 21700 Li-ion battery is designed for powering high-drain LED flashlights.This rechargeable IMR battery has an impressive 5100mAh capacity. The Acebeam 21700 battery features lithium manganese oxide chemistry, which provides incredible stability and power. In fact, this rechargeable cell is able to provide up to 20A of current, thus making it the perfect power source for premium lights and other portable electronics. The Acebeam 21700 battery is a larger and stronger power source than the more commonly-known 18650 and will take your premium devices to the next level in performance.

图片 14500 920mAh USB-C

14500 920mAh USB-C

从 $6.90

图片 Customized 18650 3100mAh Battery

Customized 18650 3100mAh Battery

从 $16.90

The Acebeam ARC18650H-310A is a customized 18650 li-ion with a huge 3,100mAh capacity, offering long runtimes with your favorite Acebeam P15 flashlight. This battery features customized +/− same-side terminal(s), and should only be recharged using Acebeam's standard charging system.

图片 EXTRA X50 2.0 BATTERY PACK -PD60W Fast Charge

EXTRA X50 2.0 BATTERY PACK -PD60W Fast Charge


The Acebeam X50 2.0 Battery Pack is a replacement battery for the X50 2.0 searchlight. This battery pack comes with a built-in USB-C charging port for quickly charging anywhere you go. Less than 1hour to full charge! Plus, the battery pack can function as a power bank for charging up cell phones or other devices.



从 $16.90

ACEBEAM ARC18650H-310A battery has a built-in USB port and can be charged directly with a USB cable or using a traditional charger like a ACEBEAM A4. It designed for powering high drain devices such as high-output flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, and bike lights, as well as a variety of other appliances and devices. With built in smart charging circuitry and other integrated safety features through-out, this battery will safely work in the majority of button-top compatible devices.

图片 EDC bulb

EDC bulb

$3.99 $0.10

Do you have Acebeam 21700 USB battery in your hand? If so, it is time to upgrade it to EDC bulb now! Attach the little bulb to your 21700 USB battery, it becomes portable multi-function light for camping, emergency power outage, signaling, ambiance lighting, and decoration! Measuring just less 1 inch, this 360 Degree mini sized light offers an astonishing 118 Lumens of LED power. With 3 Brightness levels with SOS mode, the mini bulb finds itself at home in any camping or emergency setup, or even right in your pocket!

图片 Mount 900

Mount 900


ACEBEAM also offers mounts, perfect for police officers, security personnel, hunters, and other tactical flashlight users. Crafted from durable aluminum with a sleek matte finish, you can expect the mounts to withstand harsh conditions.