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Quad-Core Tactical Flashlight

P18 Quad-Core Tactical Flashlight


A very bright quad-core tail-dual-switch rechargeable tactical flashlight that puts out an impressive 5000 lumens and 629 meters, a fantastic beast that beats most of its competitors in this category of tactical lighting. With an invincible quad-core performance, P18 enables a more reliable and rapid operation of tactics and flexibility of having tactical/daily modes. The intricate design aims to light up entire buildings, ships, or airplanes. While clearing corridors and rooms, the tactical side of it is to blind threats with also a stainless steel strike bezel. It has a wide beam pattern for massive coverage. IP68 level waterproof and dustproof, usable under all weather conditions, and 1.5 meters impact resistant. Perfect for professional use, security, and law enforcement.

Long Range Hunting Flashlight

L19 2.0 Long Range Flashlight


L19 2.0 Long Range Flashlight is a perfect hunting flashlight that is bright enough and throws a beam long enough to accomplish your hunting missions. Most of the similar products the competitors offer are missing either the bright or long aspect. It gives off a light with a maximum of 2200 lumens, reaching a distance of 3,553ft (1083m)-that's over half a mile! Your prey will have nowhere to run in the darkness. The head diameter of the lens is 55mm, which is the hunting flashlight with the longest-throw distance in the same head diameter. Extend runtimes when using the included 21700 li-ion battery and know its status with the battery level indicator. IP68-rated waterproof and dustproof are some of the amazing features of this spotlight built for those needing a small, tough flashlight with an incredibly far beam distance.

Dual-switch Tactical Flashlight



ACEBEAM's first tail-dual-switch flashlight with one-touch Strobe, Turbo, and Low activation. Compact (32 mm head diameter) and designed for 18650 batteries, offering the farthest illumination within its size range. With an 1800 lumens max output and a beam distance of 484 meters, Defender 16 can be handheld or mounted on firearms, with an ultra-light weight. Durable and rugged with IP68 waterproof ratings and 1.5 meters impact resistance. Ideal for emergencies, self-defense, assault operations, outdoor activities, maintenance checks, patrols, and more, this incredible tactical flashlight is surely one of the best gifts to be added to your collection.

Picture of L19 Camo Tactical Flashlight

L19 Camo Tactical Flashlight


L19 is specially designed for long-range lighting. The excellent optical design lens enables the flashlight to have high output power and strong light-gathering ability. It can find prey or targets within a distance of 1520 meters (4,986.8 feet), thereby providing sufficient response time to deal with emergencies.

Best Hunting Flashlight

L18 Tactical Flashlight


A 1000-meter light throw long-range tactical flashlight, the L18 tactical flashlight is one of the "must-haves" that provide excellent services that are critical to the success of various scenarios. The longer beam assists users in spotting prey or threats easily from far away. In terms of lighting power, it delivers a maximum output of 1500 lumens. Compact, lightweight, and portable, L18 also is a 5-meter-deep submersible in water. A perfect design that has a good balance of many of its great, well-designed features.

Best Long Distance Flashlight

L17 Tactical Flashlight


L17 is a 40 mm head diameter weight-volume-runtime-optimized tactical flashlight, made with superior circuit technology and a TIR lens. Three LED options are available: OSRAM White, Green, and Red. The white LED delivers MAX 1,400 lumens and 802 meters, which is great for tactical and day-to-day lighting, while the green and red are great for preserving night vision and other activities like fishing and hunting. Its one-hand, one-button design is for easy and fast operation, with a soft-touch tailcap switch that does not make any sound. One of the best-balanced flashlights.

Acebeam Long Range Flashlight

L19 1.0 Long Range Hunting Flashlight


Get a handy, stylish professional-level hunting flashlight that maximizes your chance of success in the wilderness, and also keeps you safe all the time. L19 1.0 is a long-range hunting flashlight that illuminates your path up to 1300 meters (4265 feet) away, with a White LED max output of 2200 lumens. A highly focused beam and longer-than-long visibility allow you to spot prey fast and easily. The Green LED is designed for night vision and boasts a maximum distance of 1520 meters (4986 feet). The tactical tail switch offers you one-touch access to Turbo mode, ideal for use in an emergency. L19 is also compatible with many accessories, such as a mount and remote switch, making the flashlight a more invaluable tool for your hunt. Highly recommended by Gunsamerica.com, Gunsmagazine.com, Policemag.com, and Officer.com.

Picture of L18 Camo Tactical Flashlight

L18 Camo Tactical Flashlight


The best hunting flashlight that throws an impressive far-range light beam. With its compact size, it delivers a max output of white 1,500 lumens and a max unbelievable throw of 1,000 meters. Independent TIR lens, high-power small LED core.

Tactical Flashlight L17

L17 Camo Tactical Flashlight


The best long-distance flashlight in the same size. Using the smallest LED core with high power. The best choice for hunting. Three different LED options are available for different users' needs: OSRAM White, Green, and Red light LED.

Ultra Long Range Flashlight

T28 Tactical Flashlight


Emits 2500 lumens brightness and produces a beam that reaches 1300 meters, leaves no dark anywhere. Ultra-clear glass lens and smooth reflector for an extremely far-throwing beam. Specially designed for hunting.

Farthest Throwing LED Flashlight

T27 Tactical Flashlight


The farthest throwing tactical flashlight with a double switch. Ultra-long 1180 meters beam distance. The optional remote pressure switch and range of filters make it an ideal companion for any kind of weapon.

Cree XHP35 High Intensity LED

Acebeam T30 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight


Acebeam T30 magnetic rechargeable LED Flashlight has a maximum output of 2200 lumens and reaches an ultra-long beam distance of 1081 meters. It is your best assistant for hunting, law enforcement (police baton), search& rescue and outdoors.