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PL Lights

Acebeam Rail Mounted Tactical Lights, perfect for police officers, security personnel, hunters, and other tactical flashlight users. A rail mount secures an LED flashlight onto your equipment ensuring that the area in front if your equipment is clearly visible. Acebeam rail mount have adjustable diameter designs compatible with many different Acebeam tactical flashlights. Crafted from durable aluminum with a sleek matte finish, you can expect the mounts to withstand harsh conditions.

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Acebeam Long Range Flashlight

Acebeam L19 Hunting Flashlight


L19 is specially designed for long-range lighting. The excellent optical design lens enables the flashlight to have high output power and strong light-gathering ability. It can find prey or targets within a distance of 1520 meters (4,986.8 feet), thereby providing sufficient response time to deal with emergencies.

m lok flashlight

P15 Tactical Light


A Professional Rail-Mounted Tactical Light. M-Lock and Picatinny Compatible. Innovative rail mount/charging/remote switch install system, avoid frequent disassembly. Multi-function unique tail tube: disassembly-free charging, one-touch strobe, tactical ring. Simple remove the mount, install the clip for a EDC light, which can quickly switch between tactical light or an EDC.