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A group of intrepid adventurers and lighting industry experts embarked on a quest to search for the essential qualities of lighting, starting a life journey to discover and create "the only thing that matters" in the realm of lighting experience. They found out, to their disappointment, about the truth of the lighting industry, where the "extreme range of everything" is often missing, and products were not made for the customer's ultimate satisfaction, especially concerning outdoor activities and special needs. 

In 2009 we established a factory, starting to tentatively solve the issue of the missing categories. In 2014, ACEBEAM  was founded, with a passion for making the "best," "first," "longest," and "most ideal" lighting equipment to satisfy the various needs of outdoor sports, to create a perfect marketplace for this group of consumers. Later ACEBEAM continued to innovate to satisfy the demands of an ever-growing market, expanding the product line by introducing more "out of this world" versions of lighting equipment.