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H40 is a simple, compact, lightweight running headlamp with tremendous power and reliability. Up to 45% OFF. Equipped with one CREE XP-L HD LED, this high-performance headlamp provides you with a fuller, more evenly-lit view at night. It features infinite dimming outputs ranging from 230lumens to 15lumens by Li-ion battery, ranging from 230lumens to 20lumens by Ni-MH or Alkaline AA battery, and an SOS mode for emergency situations. There is another version for optional, which is equipped with one Luminus SST-20 CRI 95+ LED, this allows a warm and soft beam to resemble the nature of sunlight, reducing eye strain and makes it ideal for photography. The headlamp's body is constructed from aerospace-grade and hard-anodized aluminum, letting it withstand drops from as high as 2 meters and allowing it to be waterproof to IP68. Super lightweight, remarkably rugged, and incredibly user-friendly, H40 headlamp is one perfect light for any outdoor activities!
The Acebeam K30-GT is a 5500 lumen search light with a massive 3360ft throw that runs on 3 x 18650 batteries (not included). The single side-switch easily cycles through the wide range of brightness outputs ranging from 5500 to 50 lumens, as well as a 3700 lumen strobe. Special Discount: 35% OFF Coupon: JLK3035
Tailor your flashlight to the application with the Acebeam E10.The most impressive feature of the E10 is its ability to give off light up to 562 meters away - which is 3.5x the height of the Washington Monument. Considering the body is barely 3.5" long, having that much throw packed into a small everyday carry light is amazing! The Acebeam PT10 LED penlight is ideally meant for use by Law Enforcement professionals, mechanics, and as a general-use EDC, due to its small size and bright output.This LED penlight, with its small, 0.6-inch pen-sized diameter, is the perfect addition to any toolkit, pack, or bag! Special Discount: 40% OFF Coupon: FA098ACE
It may look cute and come in a range of colors, but Acebeam's new UC15 keychain flashlight is a serious tool from the makers of some of the brightest and best-made flashlights in the world. On the "Turbo" setting the UC15 delivers a healthy 250 lumens using two AAA batteries, or an awe-inspiring 1000 lumens from two rechargeable 10440 lithium ion cells. Coupled with an 107-metre throw from the latest Cree XP-L or Nichia LEDs this is more than enough to read a street sign or light up a front yard. Better yet, the UC15 provides a "mid" setting of 60 lumens (300 lumens with lithium ion cells) and a "Moonlight" of 5 lumens, which is enough to read a map or find your way to the bathroom, and it can maintain this output throughout the longest night! Simple and intuitive operation, a low-battery-warning indicator, IP54 sealing and rubber switch and keyring connectors combine to make this the gift that keeps giving - for yourself or anyone else!
ACEBEAM E10 is a pocket flashlight that offers 3 different LED options depending on your needs: OSRAM white light LED; OSRAM green light LED and OSRAM red light LED. Capable of running 26350 Li-ion battery, the impressive compact LED flashlight E10 emmits a brightness of up to 760 lumens at the Turbo with 562 meters beam distance with OSRAM white light LED; an astonishing light output at a massive 1050 lumens that reaches to 675 meters with OSRAM green light LED; and a highest brightness 250 lumens by OSRAM red light LED with a beam distance 385 meters. 1 lumen at Moonlight even has over 1850 hours of light. An easy to use single side switch interface allows users to shuffle through five brightness levels, as well as access a defensive Strobe. The deep ergonomic knurling on the canister makes sure to have a secure grip in hand.
The Acebeam TK17 AL is a bright, durable EDC flashlight. This light comes with your choice of one of three LEDS, allowing you to choose the quality of light you desire the most. The Samsung LH351D LED provides the greatest amount of light output, topping out at a massive 2300lumens ! The Osram KW CSLNM1.TG LED is specialized for long range throw, making the TK17 Al more ideal for spotting, search and rescue and late night navigation. The Nichia 219 C LED provides a neutral white light that is easier on the eyes and gives more naturalistic color rendering to your surrondings. The body of the TK17 Al is lightweight yet durable aluminum which is further anodized to prevent oxidation, scratches and more. Special Discount: 40% OFF Coupon: ACE17TK