5 Years Warranty






Our products can be found in independent retailers; in over 100 countries around the world.



Founded ten years, securing our place in the market and protecting our customers and products from counterfeit threats.



With over 10,0000 retail customers and a rapidly growing fan base, we see year on year growth, successes, and sales to match.

Every year, ACEBEAM unveils top-notch LED flashlights that embody the most recent technological advancements, tailored to satisfy people's growing need for exceptional lighting instruments. As a pioneer in the flashlight industry, ACEBEAM consistently pioneers new trends. Amidst the swift pace of technological progress, we steadfastly maintain our position at the leading edge, diligently exploring and realizing every possible technological breakthrough.


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cutting edge technology

In the new modern era, the most exciting thing is the pursuit of technological perfection. ACEBEAM masters cutting-edge product technology for manufacturing flashlight and is always ready to develop the technology into another fascinating high-quality product. Also in this new era, ACEBEAM has various industrial secrets and a long time of accumulated experience, which can make various ideas become yet another miracle product.

better design

"Endless effects come and go, incomparable brilliance shines the best, and powerful creativity and better quality that exceeds expectations." - Predicably and unpredicably for our competitors, ACEBEAM can start yet another creativity program based on sound ideation and product philosophy, turning various designs into better-made and long-lasting tools, satisfying users' needs on multiple levels. Using ACEBEAM products is a pleasant experience. With the better design, ACEBEAM flashlight allow you to use the different lights safely to explore various possibilities.

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higher quality

We pay attention to the practicality and performance of products, and we also care about the potential and strength of such products. This is why ACEBEAM can win a reputation for better quality among many brands. Each product is a carefully designed work of art, and every detail is given a higher level of attention. We strive to turn our products into miracles, representing the symbol of value.

more choices

"Exquisite technologies, gorgeous bodies, more functional options, and a different lighting experience." - ACEBEAM uses powerful technology and different well-developed concepts to create products with more choices. Being thorough and meeting every need in every situation is our motto. Using ACEBEAM products is like experiencing a journey of exploring endless possibilities.

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lasting partnership

With the experience of OBM/ODM manufacturing for 6 years, and an additional 9 years of the autonomous brand R & D, manufacturing, and sales, ACEBEAM established a retail network with partners in over 100 countries and regions globally.

company backed

We proudly boast some of the lowest defective rates in the industry, but in the rare event that it is needed, we back all of our products with our manufacturer's warranty.