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About Us





ACEBEAM is an outdoor lighting brand integrating R&D and production, focusing on the research and development of high-end mobile lighting products that are high-quality, high-performance, high-reliability, and can be used in extreme environments. The optically designed reflector or lens, high-efficiency constant current circuit, and high-quality CNC manufacturing and processing capabilities impress everyone, making ACEBEAM a world-class outdoor lighting brand, which can meet the needs of even the most discerning end-users.

AceBeam was established in 2014 and has been recognized as some of the brightest and best-made outdoor lighting brand. Their talented research, design, engineering and marketing teams work together to satisfy the most demanding end-users by constantly testing the limits of what can be achieved with the latest technology, without sacrificing durability, functionality or value.

With the experience of OBM/ODM manufacturing for 6 years, additional 9 years of the autonomous brand R & D, manufacturing, and sales, ACEBEAM established a retail network with partners in over 100 countries and regions globally. Covering tens of millions of users worldwide. ACEBEAM has won the recognition and praise of users for its high performance and excellent service and is proud to be recognized as one of the high-end portable lighting equipment brands in the world.


ACEBEAM products are widely used in outdoor sports and rock climbing, hiking, cave exploration, outdoor photography, diving, cycling, camping, public safety, law enforcement, military police, industry, hunting, household, and other extreme sports. We boast the most innovative designs and best user experience and performance in the industry: the world's one of the first most powerful searchlights X70 60,000lumens, the world's one of the high CRI headlamps H30, the world’s one of the longest range hunting flashlights L19, one of the brightest and cool edc light E70. All kinds of latest technologies of ACEBEAM are bold in applying them in the design of our illumination products.


Due to the almost crazy pursuit of new technologies and new processes, as well as the cost of product design and workmanship, ACEBEAM's products have just been launched, and are quickly sought after by the majority of professional media, sports athletes, and outdoor sports enthusiasts.


The slogan of ACEBEAM is to illuminate the world and illuminate the future. Durable, safe, and calm to deal with harsh weather is the biggest feature of ACEBEAM products. ACEBEAM will continue to innovate and let the global ACEBEAM users feel the magic and charm of outdoor sports and nature with caring and high-quality services.


Whether you need a small light for your pocket or keychain, a massive light to light up an entire field, a green or red LED flashlight or anything in between we have you covered. We have a huge selection of the best and brightest outdoor lights on the market. In addition to our line of tactical lights, we also carry EDC flashlights, tactical flashlights, bike lights, headlamps, batteries, chargers, and accessories from Acebeam. 

We will uphold the brand spirit of remaining true to our original aspiration while keeping our mission firmly in mind. Contributing to society through our corporate social responsibility efforts, on both domestic and international scales.



E70 Everyday Carry Staff Picks 

Police Magazine
L19 The best flashlight for Policeman



Proud member of NSSF

China Outdoor: E10 Best in Class

Tactical Magazine: L18 winner of Illumination

W50 Shocks the world with the First White LEP ZOOM Flashlight worldwide! Disruption in the age of LED Illumination!



W30 recognized as the Most Innovative LEP Flashlight and the undisputed winner of world

TK17 Industrial Design: Best appearance design

TK18 selected as 2019 Choice of Camping Magazine



H50 Best Exploring Headlamp specified by Chinese Outdoor Women's Expedition Team 

X70 Brightest, Reliable,Spot&Flood Beam recognized as the Most Innovative LED Flashlight and Best in Class

EC65 High CRI>95 The Best Lighting Tool for Night Photography

W10 Shocks the world with the First White LEP Flashlight worldwide



H30 4000lumens Brightest headlamp on the market, Good UI and Long Run-time. Best Design Awards

UC15 Awarded as Prodcut Design Winner 

Proud member of PLATO (Portable Lights American Trade Organization)

ACEBEAM products are internationally recognized in over 100 countries



X80 Industrial Design: Best appearance design

K70 Best throw LED Flashlight

M10 the best flashlight for EDC 



T20 Ultimate Thrower Flashlight by Hunting Magazine

H10 China Outoor Top Pick

EC50 3850lumens Survival Magazine Best in Class



D45 4000lumens Best Performance by Diving Magazine 

M20 Everyday Carry Reader’s Choice