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Constant Current

When it comes to power circuits, a high-efficiency constant current circuit is a very important concept. This circuit is widely used in many different application fields, including LED lighting, lasers, and electric vehicles. Acebeam's high-efficiency constant current circuit ensures its leading position in the industry. This means that your LED should maintain its average brightness until the battery is exhausted, rather than slowly dimming over time. When Acebeam claims "true constant current," that's what the entire meaning of Acebeam's product is.
High-efficiency constant current circuits have the following advantages:
1, Higher efficiency. Traditional linear power supplies need to reduce the input voltage to the desired output voltage, which generates a lot of heat. These heats not only waste energy but also require additional cooling measures. In contrast, high-efficiency constant current circuits use switch-mode power supplies, which can minimize energy losses.
2, Higher current density. In fields such as LED lighting and electric vehicles, high current density is needed to meet power requirements. Traditional linear power supplies cannot provide sufficient current density, while high-efficiency constant current circuits can easily meet this demand.
3, Higher reliability. Because switch-mode power supplies use semiconductor devices, they are not as susceptible to voltage fluctuations and temperature changes as traditional linear power supplies. This means that high-efficiency constant current circuits can work normally in a wider range of operating temperatures and voltages and have a longer life.
4, Better controllability. Because this circuit can provide a stable current output, it can better control the output power and brightness. This is very important for applications such as LED lighting and lasers, which require very accurate power and brightness control.