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High Power Flashlights

Large area surveillance and security Livestock security Oil and gas pipelines & offshore rig inspections Shoreline search & rescue Ultra Long-distance distress signaling First Responder Operations Trailing wounded animals Wilderness search & rescue operations Blind/Disorient suspects and assailants Large area lighting for disaster scenes utilize with a lens to project huge images Police manhunts Theft-deterrent Emergency fire starter, all need high power searchlight. Acebeam, a pioneer in high-power outdoor portable lighting products, has extensive expertise in the R&D, production, and management of such lighting solutions. From the earliest X60 to the recent X75, ACEBEAM has mastered the essence of creating compact and high-power products, ensuring excellent brightness and product stability. We've been at the forefront of high-powerful search lighting trends for years.

Picture of K75 2.0 Longest Throw Flashlight

K75 2.0 Longest Throw Flashlight


If you are looking for one of the farthest-reaching LED flashlights in the world, the Acebeam K75 2.0 longest-throw flashlight might be for you! It throws monstrous 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) and has a maximum output of 6300 lumens, which is actually the pinnacle of LED flashlight technology.

Brightest Flashlight

X75 Brightest Power Bank Flashlight


The world's brightest Power Bank flashlight(PD60~100W charging/discharging function), Up to 80,000 Lumens; Built-in 4 x 21700 battery pack. Using a boost circuit, the scientific cooling air duct design provides 20,000 lumens for 30 minutes. It is the strongest waterproof flashlight and features a momentary switch for Turbo, with an easily replaceable fan unit. Free and within 3-5 working days fast shipping.

White Brightest Flashlight

X75 Micro-arc Oxidation Flashlight 70.3 HI


Acebeam X75 Micro-arc oxidation XHP70.3 version with 67,000 Lumens is more resistant to wear and corrosion than hard anodizing; Using a boost circuit provides 20,000 lumens for 30 min or 10000 for 60 min. It's also the best Waterproof Flashlight with an easily replaceable fan unit. Equipped with PD60~100W charging/discharging and Power bank function, it is also your portable charging station for outdoor emergencies! Micro-arc oxidation can not be perfect, please note

Picture of X50 2.0 First PD Power Bank Flashlight

X50 2.0 First PD Power Bank Flashlight


The common disadvantages of other high-brightness flashlights on the market are fast consumption of power/battery and long re-charging time. The X50 2.0 is equipped with a PD60W charging power design, which can fully charge the X50 within an hour, greatly improving the flexibility of the X50 2.0 as a lighting tool. 'My time is precious, and I don't want to waste too much time waiting for my flashlight to be fully charged, and it could be 3-5 hours! '---A voice from a consumer. The X50 2.0 (World's first PD power bank flashlight on the market) leads a new era of flashlights with a maximum output of 45,000 lumens (the brightest flashlight powered by 3X21700 batteries) and PD60W fast charging. Featured with PD60W and Type-C input/output, this handheld searchlight also is one outdoor mini power station to charge up phones and other devices. Waterproof to underwater 2meters, patented mechanical lockout, and single-handed operation, all these make X50 2.0 perfect for outdoor searching, industrial searching, self-defense, rescuing, and smart power on the go.

Picture of X80GT 2 Powerful Flashlight

X80GT 2 Powerful Flashlight


High-performance lighting equipment is essential for caving, the X80GT-2 as the most powerful flashlight in its class, accompany the expedition China team for their caving experience, which is continuously being reported by Geography·China_CCTV. With XHP50.3 LEDs, longer beam throw, and waterproof underwater 30meters, this light makes it the perfect accessory for caving, search and rescue missions, or for day-to-day tasks. X80 was released 5 years ago, high praise by outdoor enthusiasts and explorers for its excellent performance and high quality, and has become the preferred "best portable searchlight".