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Rider RX 2.0 ANODIZED Titanium (Limited Edition)


This Rider RX 2.0 ANODIZED Titanium version is a mythical beast. At the heart of its charm lies a one-of-a-kind clip that redefines versatility. Unlike conventional clips, this innovative design allows you to push it left-and-right, back-and-forth with a crisp sound, helping you manage anxiety and spark joy with its playful functionality. It has double-sided thermal insulation, and the titanium anodizing treatment increased its durability and anti-corrosion capabilities. It adopts the original high CRI (90+) Nichia 519A V1 LED, CCT 5000K. Furthermore, it passed IP68 test at ACEBEAM lab according to ANSI/PLATO FL1 standards.

EDC Flashlight

Rider RX 2.0 Ti Special Edition


How exciting it is to celebrate a wild party with a lighting tool that is both a flashlight and a candlelight? Rider RX 2.0 Ti Special Edition comes with a titanium body engraved with a unique blue circuit design. The light build and the glossy feel is sure to make a wonderful gift to send on many occasions. The color rendering index (CRI) is ≥90, compared with a regular LED CRI which is only 70.

Titanium Flashlight

Pokelit AA Ti 519A


A perfect eye candy to add to your EDC collection! Pokelit AA Ti 519A is an AA-sized torch that is painted with a subtle cracked glaze design. It is great in that it has a high CRI Nichia 519A emitter that gets closer to seeing in real color. It can take Alkaline, Ni-MH, or 14500 Li-ion cells with an included Acebeam 14500 Li-ion cell with built-in USB-C charging. With it being in your collection already, life is always a color wonder to behold.

AA Flashlight

TAC AA Flashlight


What does it mean to carry a very useful everyday item? Acebeam TAC AA is a super bright dual-fuel tactical flashlight, which is powered by an included 14500 USB-C battery, but is also compatible with a standard AA battery for use as a backup. An intelligent memory circuit returns the light to your last-used setting every time you switch it on. The maximum performance is 1000 lumens. Additionally, it is fully waterproof to IP68-rated standards and also withstands impacts up to 1.5 meters.

Picture of H16 Headlamp Orange (519A-V1 LED)

H16 Headlamp Orange (519A-V1 LED)


H16 is a lightweight and compact high CRI headlamp suitable for fishing, running, backpacking, and outdoors, being the first flashlight to use a 519A-V1 LED. You do not need to look further than this ingeniously designed headlamp if you need a sturdy, convenient lighting companion to accomplish everyday tasks, as it will give you an efficient lighting solution. Powered by an AA battery, it produces a beam of 650 lumens in 5000k neutral white color. It has a magnetic tail, pocket clip, and headband for multiple carry options.

Picture of Pokelit AA Ti

Pokelit AA Ti


Being a pocket-friendly flashlight, Pokelit AA Ti is one of a few things that makes you feel like you can never have enough of it, or you must add it to your collection. The aesthetic side of Pokelit AA Ti features a precious metal titanium with distinct markings. It is not just aesthetically unique, but is a very powerful, efficient light too, with a high-CRI Nichia LED that gives off a mesmerizing, bright beam with precision digital optics technology for a uniform, smooth spot. It comes with an Acebeam 14500 USB-C rechargeable battery (included), which also can run on AA alkaline/NiMH batteries.

Picture of Pokelit AA GRAY

Pokelit AA GRAY


Sometimes you can wow your friends with a surprise gift, and years later they still appreciate your thoughtfulness of how great the gift is. Make this gift Pokelit AA Gray, and you will not be disappointed by this super bright, pocket-friendly item with reliable and durable quality. Emitting a max output of up to 1000 lumens, it features dual fuel capability using a widely available AA battery or lithium battery (included). A very convenient setup is the dual-direction clip that can attach to a hat. It uses an extreme reflector that produces a soft and smooth spot with precision digital optics technology. Overall it is one of the most useful EDC products, outperforming the usual in many categories.

AA Flashlight

Rider RX 2.0 TI AA Flashlight


Wouldn't it be nice to have a perfect flashlight for a birthday party? Rider RX 2.0 TI AA Flashlight has a titanium outer shell with an aerospace-grade aluminum-alloy inner body and a double-layer tube design for better heat dissipation. In a birthday party, it either can be sent as a great gift or can create a memorable atmosphere itself, since it features a tail stand that can stand on itself, serving as a candlelight. The color rendering index (CRI) is ≥90, compared with a regular LED CRI which is only 70. The optical lens provides a soft flood beam. Compatible with the standard AA battery.

519A EDC Flashlight

Pokelit AA CU


As soon as Pokelit AA CU hits the market, it becomes one of the favorite lights among different users. Constructed out of raw copper with a pinkish-red hue, it has a body that will develop a natural patina over time. Being the best AA flashlight, it features a high CRI90 Nichia 519A emitter capable of shooting a very clear and clean round hotspot. This high CRI flashlight also has a very convenient setup, a dual-direction clip that can attach to a hat. The tactical tail switch activates three modes of brightness. Running on 14500 lithium-ion batteries or AA alkaline/NiMH batteries, it is one of the most useful EDC lights overall.

National Breast Cancer Foundation Flashlight

Pokelit 2AA NBCF Breast Cancer Pink Flashlight

$39.90 $31.90

Acebeam devotes itself to the cause of finding solutions for breast cancer and supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation. To celebrate the support, Acebeam specifically created Pokelit 2AA NBCF Breast Cancer Pink Flashlight, a light suitable for medical purposes and everyday use. Pokelit 2AA delivers performance-oriented features in a sleek, compact design. Doctors, nurses, and EMTs will find the Pokelit 2AA ideal for pupil examination and injury diagnosis. Nichia 519A 5000K LED enables the light to have a smooth and uniform beam, a diffused beam that has a high CRI rating (>90). It is powered by the included 14100P USB-C Li-ion battery and is compatible with standard 2 AA batteries.

EDC Flashlight

Pokelit 2*AA


A mesmerizing flashlight that has solid functions that benefit everyday use, Pokelit 2*AA is a charming choice with its compact, lightweight body. Equipped with a high CRI 519A LED in 5000K and a customized reflector, it produces a fantastically great beam profile with a defined broad spot with even output. Powered by the included 1600mAh USB-C Li-ion battery (compatible with 2 AA batteries), this flashlight delivers a maximum output of 600 lumens and the tail switch operates all functions including on/off and two brightness levels, always starting on low. The bidirectional pocket clip provides additional mounting options to attach to your clothing or gear to take all the mystery out of the darkest nights.

AA Flashlight

Pokelit AA


Acebeam Pokelit AA is a simple, lightweight, compact design with great functions that satisfy your needs. With a single tail switch user interface, Pokelit AA produces exceptionally bright output. With equipped high CRI≥90 LED, the light source can reproduce the colors more accurately, delivering a peak beam distance of 86 meters combined with a 550lumen max output, powered by a customized rechargeable AA size battery that integrates a USB-C interface for charging (alkaline or NiMH AA power source is also compatible), the Pokelit AA is a must-have for around the house, outdoors, and everyday carry.

Picture of Rider RX AL EDC AA Flashlight

Rider RX AL EDC AA Flashlight


Constructed from 7075 Aerospace-grade aluminum-alloy bar for higher strength, stronger corrosion resistance, Acebeam Rider RX is at the cutting edge of Everyday-carry flashlight design, such as double inner barrel design, allows it as a fidget device, high CRI LED of 90+ rating to appear true to life, compatible with any AA battery. The Rider RX EDC Flashlight—is meticulously designed to be ergonomically pleasing from tip to tail.

Picture of Rider RX Titanium  EDC Flashlight  OUT OF STOCK

Rider RX Titanium EDC Flashlight OUT OF STOCK


With compitable all AA size battery and functions as an anxiety relieving gadget, Rider RX is the latest and greatest EDC flashlight from the experienced/creative team at Acebeam. Rider RX Titanium version is combining the aesthetics of its precious metal titanium construction with a unique double-barrel design. The 90+ rating ensures accurate color rendering within the beam of the Rider RX. That means that colors will appear true-to-life and not washed out. It is a great backup flashlight for night walking, self-defense, sundries search, and a premium gift for friends and family. OUT OF STOCK

AA Flashlight

Rider RX 2.0 AA Flashlight


Sometimes you receive a gift that creates a life-long memory. Rider RX 2.0 is one of such gifts. Designed to be a double-layer creativity object, it shines amazingly still with a premium LED to reach 1000 lumens. The pocket clip is the crux of the fidget factor on this flashlight, which can be twisted around and pushed forward for use as a fidget toy. It has various modes to choose from, ultra-low, low, med, and high. It has a memory too. When reactivated, it will automatically access the previous memorized brightness level.

AA Flashlight

Rider RX AA Flashlight


Rider RX is an EDC AA size pocket flashlight that is compatible with alkaline batteries, NiMH batteries, and lithium batteries at the same time. And it has a unique innovative decompression method, which is a revolutionary innovation in 2022. The high color rendering LED meets your daily home and outdoor use. At the same time, the Rider RX is equipped with a variety of cool colors of stainless steel shell options, which is the best choice for gifts and collections.

Best Keychain Flashlight

UC15 Keychain Flashlight


The Acebeam UC15 may look cute, but this keychain flashlight is a serious tool from the makers of one of the brightest and best-made flashlights in the world with max 1000lumens. It is the best keychain flashlight that features three unique LEDs with ultra-compact size.