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LEP Flashlight

Terminator M1 Dual Head LEP/LED Flashlight (Limited Edition)


A breakthrough product by Acebeam to combine the latest LEP and LED technologies, Terminator M1 might leave the harshest critics speechless with so many advantages in the design, presenting many surprises for users, nearly redefining what it means to carry an EDC flashlight. It is both a spotlight and a floodlight, with a shortcut key providing the switch. The spotlight is zoomable, produced by the LEP module, with a beam up to 1600 meters (or more than 1 mile) in distance. With a max output of 3500 lumens, the dual light sources provide the opportunity to try out a variety of mode combinations. Overall, it is a multi-use product that fulfills the demands of many lighting scenarios, which also looks like a magician that can conjure up something different. Powered by a high-capacity rechargeable USB-C 21700 Li-ion battery, it can replace almost any light for a slightly better purpose.