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W10 GEN II LEP Flashlight


An outstanding long-distance lighting tool. It has a very stable and focused luminous output of 4500 lumens, with a luminous length of 1217 meters. It makes you feel safe in the dark, with a self-defense function that is the stainless steel strike bezel. IP68 level waterproof.

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Compact LEP flashlight with a service life of up to 10,000 hours
Powered by a single ACEBEAM IMR21700-510A rechargeable battery
Max output: 450 lumens
Max running time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Peak beam distance: 1217 meters
Peak beam intensity: 370,000cd
High focused bea for maximum distance
Waterproof underwater 2 meters submersible
Tactical tail switch for fast and convenient operation
Special designed unscrew-able stainless steel aggressive bezel can be reversed to be used as a self defense tool
CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum body with Type III hard anodized finish
Streamlined body design with tactical knurling for firm grip
Highly efficient circuit design provides maximum runtime
Intelligent temperature system controls the light output for users’ safety
Special design for border, public security, prisons, electricity, airports, terminals, troops, factories and mines, and a variety of field lighting and signal use


1: This light uses a high efficiency LEP emitter manufactured by a third party, with a high power output between 0.22-0.25W. It is classified as Class 2M laser device and has passed CE, RoHS, FDA certifications!
2: This light illumination principle is similar to LED, which is not pure laser product. Please use it in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Release the manufacturer and retailers from all liabilities.
3: You certify you have read the included “Laser Safety” warnings before use, and make sure you are familiar with and follow.
4: The tail cap acts as a “safety key” and must be kept safely. Click tail cap switch to turn off the light immediately or by twisting off the tail cap as a safety back-up.
5: DO NOT aim at person. DO NOT aim at aircrafts or vehicles in operations.
6: W10 II is purchased by only for professional users. (It is not a civilian industry product.)
7: Users must be over 18 years of age. Keep the light out of the reach of children.

1.The light must be powered by ACEBEAM IMR21700NP-510A battery or ACEBEAM ARC18650H-310A battery with 10Amps of current. The light may not be turned on when using other brand battery with the less current.
2.W10 is with waterproof of underwater 2 meters, but it can not be used as a diving light.
3.Because lithium-ion battery can self-discharge, it is suggested to remove the battery during storage and keep the lithium-ion battery charged approximately a period of time.
4.Maintain and keep clean any contact surfaces of the flashlight with alcohol swab. This may prevent irregular flashes during use.
5.Lubricate the threads with professional grade lubricant regularly.
6.Please swap out the O-rings regularly to maintain the water resistance level.
7.It is normal if the surface heat is increased during use due to the excellent thermal conductivity technology.
8.It is suggested to use in a well ventilated area with ambient temperature.
9.When the light is uncomfortable to hold due to the increased heat, please turn the light off until it cools down.
10.Unauthorized disassembly may damage the light and void the warranty.  



W10 II is a new product with the new technology that converts the blue laser beam emitted by a semiconductor into a broad-spectrum, divergent, safe and bright incoherent white light through a high performance phosphor element. 
Similar to the LED illumination principle, the white phosphor is excited to produce safe and bright white light!
Recognized by the academic community, laser products have three characteristics, both directional, monochromatic and coherent. 
The white light in W10 II is a isotropic divergent light emitted from a high performance phosphor element, 
therefore W10 II does not have directionality. In the same way, the blue light of the narrow spectrum of the semiconductor has been converted into broad-spectrum white light the conversion process of the high performance phosphor element, so it does not have monochromaticity and coherence. In other words,
 the W10 II does not have the "three characteristics" of the laser.
The core of W10 II is to reduce the light-emitting area of fluorescent light to a small extent, so that the unique effect of long-range illumination can be formed by convex lens. This technology has been applied to the high-end models of BMW, Audi and Land Rover, and has been widely welcomed by consumers.
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