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Picture of Terminator M1 Dual Head LEP/LED Flashlight (Limited Edition)

Terminator M1 Dual Head LEP/LED Flashlight (Limited Edition)


A breakthrough product by Acebeam to combine the latest LEP and LED technologies, Terminator M1 might leave the harshest critics speechless with so many advantages in the design, presenting many surprises for users, nearly redefining what it means to carry an EDC flashlight. It is both a spotlight and a floodlight, with a shortcut key providing the switch. The spotlight is zoomable, produced by the LEP module, with a beam up to 1600 meters (or more than 1 mile) in distance. With a max output of 3500 lumens, the dual light sources provide the opportunity to try out a variety of mode combinations. Overall, it is a multi-use product that fulfills the demands of many lighting scenarios, which also looks like a magician that can conjure up something different. Powered by a high-capacity rechargeable USB-C 21700 Li-ion battery, it can replace almost any light for a slightly better purpose.

LC DEL Zoom LEP Flashlight

W35 LC DEL Zoom LEP Flashlight


W35 is a flashlight that exceeds your expectations. It is the first LC DEL (Liquid Crystal Diffractive Electro-optic Lens) zoom LEP flashlight in the world, invented by Acebeam to once again raise the standard of the lighting industry, filling the void of an LEP category. Featuring a diffractive electrode control beam, W35 emits a light that can go as far as 2600 meters, with a max output of 800 lumens. An independent partition LCD electronic beam control system can make the light uniform. LEP light source is rediffracted, rearranged, and recombined after passing through the lens, with the electric current changing the diffraction mode, further improving the projection. Perfect for outdoor activities, patrolling, inspection, and hunting. It has a patent design that achieves a digital zooming effect, without a mechanical function. It can be rightly fixed on a drone, and the zooming is shifted via the digital design. With a simple switch, you can move from narrow spots to wide floods.

White Laser

W30 LEP Flashlight


An extremely practical ultra-long-range LEP flashlight for search, rescue and location positioning. Its narrow and intense light can be projected as far as 2.4 kilometers away, with a luminous output of 500 lumens and a luminous intensity of 1,450,000 candelas. This is also a LEP flashlight that can work 100 meters underwater, with a 1.8° beam divergence angle. With exquisite build and practical performance, it is a very attractive ultra-long-distance flashlight.

Picture of LEP Lights W50

LEP Lights W50

$2,999.00 $2,499.90

The most unbelievable "secret weapon of a flashlight" with ultra-long distance, which can reach a lighting length of 4 kilometers. It has an intuitive user interface, suitable for a variety of wilderness scenarios, and is also suitable for various special purposes. It comes with a heat reduction system. Like a night sky-piercing long sword, it can be used with ease under different conditions, showcasing its incredible strength and capability. Its lighting length is far longer than that of ordinary flashlights, which is one of its advantages, giving its definition as an extraordinary optical instrument.

LEP Flashlight

W10 GEN II LEP Flashlight


An outstanding long-distance lighting tool. It has a very stable and focused luminous output of 4500 lumens, with a luminous length of 1217 meters. It makes you feel safe in the dark, with a self-defense function that is the stainless steel strike bezel. IP68 level waterproof.