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LEP Flashlights

The word LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) was invented by Acebeam in 2018 and nicknamed white laser flashlight by the industry. If you are looking for a "legendary" flashlight, ACEBEAM's LEP series will be the right choice. If one must use one word to describe LEP flashlights, they are "unique." If ordinary flashlights cannot meet your demands, with the powerful and novel designs, the LEP series flashlights, after showing you satisfactory capabilities and the practicality of use, will likely make you wish to appreciate their unique, wonderful performance based on the extreme characteristics. If you do not fall in love with them and want to use them daily and in every situation, you might at least think such powerful devices can benefit normal and special situations. This type of light is an extension of the general flashlight, increasing the general performance to an incredible level. Owning an LEP flashlight is an extraordinary experience, and the products on this list can meet your requirements in different scenarios to a great extent.