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Rider RX 2.0 ANODIZED Titanium (Limited Edition)


This Rider RX 2.0 ANODIZED Titanium version is a mythical beast. At the heart of its charm lies a one-of-a-kind clip that redefines versatility. Unlike conventional clips, this innovative design allows you to push it left-and-right, back-and-forth with a crisp sound, helping you manage anxiety and spark joy with its playful functionality. It has double-sided thermal insulation, and the titanium anodizing treatment increased its durability and anti-corrosion capabilities. It adopts the original high CRI (90+) Nichia 519A V1 LED, CCT 5000K. Furthermore, it passed IP68 test at ACEBEAM lab according to ANSI/PLATO FL1 standards.

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 • Mythical beast Titanium alloy EDC flashlight 

 • Double-sided thermal insulation keeps it always cool in your palm

 • The titanium anodizing treatment increased its durability and anti-corrosion capabilities

 • Utilizes 1 x Nichia 519A LED CRI ≥90, CCT: 5000K, erupts robust 700lm

 • 4 brightness levels with mode memory function

 • Powered by 1X ACEBEAM USB-C14500 rechargeable Li-ion battery/ 1 x Alkaline or NiMH AA

 • The pushing clip with a crisp sound makes it a discreet fidget tool

 • The pushing clip also features double-direction enabling additional carrying ways

 • Single tail-switch control for one-handed operation

• Physical anti-reverse connection protection, no worry about the battery anti-reverse

• IP68 (2m submersible)


Size: 96 x 18.6 x 26mm / 3.78" x 0.73" x 1.02"

Weight: 74.7g / 2.63 oz


• Do not allow kids to play with it.

• Do not shine the light directly into human eyes.

• Do not cover the light head when the flashlight is on, or place the flashlight head on the ground.

• Do not modify/disassemble the light, otherwise, it may invalidate the warranty.

• Do not use the turbo mode continuously when the environmental temperature is high.

• Please keep the front lens clean and for more information, please refer user manual.

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