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P15 Tactical Light


A versatile, rugged, and unique rail-mounted tactical flashlight designed for professionals, the P15 tactical light comes with a range of features that are MLOK and Picatinny compatible. Being a powerfully bright tactical flashlight, it can quickly transition into an EDC mode. An innovative rail-mounting, charging, and remote switch install system prevent frequent product disassembly. It shoots a beam with a max output of 1700 lumens, at a distance of 330 meters. And it offers durable and strong add-ons that attach to different surfaces.

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Ultra-Low: 2 Lumens; 35 days
Low: 45 lumens; 400cd; 40 meters; 37 hours
Mid: 200 lumens; 3,600cd; 120 meters; 8.5 hours 
High: 600 lumens; 10,000cd; 200 meters; 2 hours 45 minutes
Turbo: 1,700 lumens; 27,225cd; 330 meters; 1 hour 45 minutes
Strobe: 1,200 lumens; 

Max. output 1,700 lumens
Max. beam distance: 330 meters (1,082feet)
Max. runtime: 840hours (35days)
Peak beam intensity: 27,225cd

Size: 130.7mm (Length) x 25.4mm (Head Diameter) x 23mm (Tube Diameter)
Flashlight's Weight: 98.8g(3.48oz.) w/o battery; 151.5g(5.34oz.) w/battery


The Acebeam P15 is sold in two configurations, as an EDC light and as a tactical rail-mounted light. The P15 Tactical Light directly addresses this challenge – moving between a back clip with removal or addition of two screws to Picatinny and MLOK mounting options. 

CNC precision-crafted from 7075 aerospace aluminum alloy 
Stronger and more durable than 6061 aluminum
Innovative rail mount/charging/remote switch install system, avoid frequent disassembly.
Multi-function unique tail tube: disassembly-free charging, Quick-Function-Switch, tactical ring.
Specially customized 18650 rechargeable lithium battery(included), which is positive and negative in same pole.
1.5A fast charging directly, full charge only 2.5 hours.
Up to 1,700 lumens, long-range beam up to 330 meters (using flat LED, most efficient and long-range beam in same size light).
Using threads to conduct; positive and negative in same pole battery design with single barrel body to ensure that the integration of switching and signal function for the tail and to enforce reliability and durability.
The strong pocket clip makes the P15 even more convenient for carrying in a pocket, the backpack, or the MOLLE System.
The tactical remote switch is easily side-mounted, no need to unscrew the tail cap for installing or disassembling, and also can be locked for reinforcement to prevent falling off.
Multi-functional and convenient modular interface: physical connection charging, Quick-Function-Switch, and remote tail switch control easily.
Compatible with Tactical Ring (Optional) for offering more convenient carrying and flexible operating ways.
High efficiency constant current circuit, circuit efficiency up to 95%, hardened dual AR coated lens, light transmittance up to 99%.
Made of high strength aluminum alloy, premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.
IPX68 waterproof (2 meters underwater) and designed for use in heavy rain.
Impact-resistant of 1.5 meters, can survive accidental drops.


Q1: What is the product positioning of P15?
ACEBEAM P15 is a brand new versatile flashlight for both EDC and tactical use. Fitted with the planar LED, compact size, exquisite appearance, make it performance breakthrough while keeping the same size. P15 is work with M-Lok, compatible with PICATINNY, Tactical Ring (Optional) for offering more convenient carrying and flexible operating ways. Original design for fast operating charging,remote control, tactical operations and one-touch-strobe by rotating the toggle lock. P15 is a reliable and high-performance lighting tool for professional users in any harsh situation.

Q2: What are the key features and benefits of P15?
Multifunctional tail tube design for fast charging, remote control,tactical operation and one-touch-strobe operation. It can be directly changed these functional parts according to your needs after first installing(to avoid frequent disassembly). Specially design for M-Lok rails, the optional PICATINNY rails and tactical ring will take your P15 to the next level. On a whole, P15 features high output, a long-distant beam, user-friendly operation and a thoughtful design.

Q3: How is the driver design in P15?
The excellent driver should be able to maintain constant brightness regardless of the battery voltage, including low voltage protection.

Q4: What kinds of batteries can be used in P15?
Powered by 1 x customized 3100mAh 3.7V 18650 Rechargeable Lithium Battery which the positive terminal goes in facing the head(Included). Light up your target with 1,700 lumens and 330meter of throw, or use the 400 lumen high mode for every-day illumination.

Q5: Why use the customized 18650 battery? 
The customized battery can make the charging signal and tail switch integrated. The single-layer barrel ensures that it can be well protected against shock.

Q6: Can it be charged in any external charger?
No. The customized battery must be charged in the flashlight via the cable (Included).

Q7: How long does it take to fully charge a P15 from power depletion?
It takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the included Acebeam ARC-18650H-3100mAh battery.

Q8: What is the main material of making P15?
The P15 is made of sturdy stainless steel bezel, aircraft aluminum body. The threads are conductive, sturdy and reliable. The gold-plated contacts of conduction can reduce the internal resistance.


Multifunctional port Tips:

1. Please clean the Multi-function port timely. Dirt and dust will be left on the flashlight slot or charging terminal after long time used, which may cause poor connection and reduce the charging current.
2. Please use 5V, 2A above charging adapter, smaller current charger may need a longer time to charge or even no charging.
3. When charging by laptop or computer, due to internal power supply resistance, the charging current would be smaller, which may lead the charging time longer. The specific time depends on the load capacity of different facilities.
4. The tail switch can not be function during charging.
5. Please remember to lock by twisting the tail ring after installed remote tail switch, Quick-Function-Switch or charging cable to the multi-function port.
6. P15 has physical anti-reversed function. When the battery is inserted in wrong direction, the indicator of the charger won't turn on. Please check if the battery is in reverse.



1: Unauthorized disassembly may damage the flashlight and void the warranty.
2: It is normal if the surface heat is increased during use due to the excellent thermal conductivity technology. It is suggested to use in a well ventilated area with ambient temperature.
3: Caution hot when using continuously for a long time. Do not put it on flammable materials for a long time, any fire or any safety problems caused by this will not be related
to the manufacturer and distributors.
4: Please check and replace the O-ring regularly to maintain the waterproof rating.
5: Please check and lubricate the threads regularly with professional lubricant.
6: Clean the contact surfaces regularly to keep the flashlight normal operation. If irregular strobe or failure to turn on occurs, the contact surfaces may be dirty and requires cleaning by using alcohol cotton swabs.
7: Remove the battery from the flashlight during long term storage.
8: This flashlight is not intended to be used as a diving light.
9: Do not aim the flashlight directly at eyes. Users must be over 18 years of age. Keep out of the reach of children.

Existing reviews

As I am a hunter, I wanted to test how the flashlight would perform.  As for me, the whole mount, switch, practicality is the best hunting flashlight!
| 12/27/2021 2:47 PM
As I am a hunter, I wanted to test how the flashlight would perform.  As for me, the whole mount, switch, practicality is the best hunting flashlight!
| 12/27/2021 2:47 PM
Well Rounded Light
Impressed with all that is included in the box. Tail switch and rail mount make it a perfect gun light.
Lo | 4/5/2022 10:29 AM
Great tactical light!
Really sturdy, the switch is great and it's brightness and beam profile is perfect.
| 4/14/2022 10:11 PM
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