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H50 2.0 Rechargeable Headlamp

H50 2.0 Rechargeable Headlamp


High performance makes extraordinary that is the new H50 2.0 Outdoor Rechargeable Headlamp that combines Spot-and Floodlight or dual beam with a max output of 2,000lumens. 141 meters long-range coverage and 170° wide range flood light specially designed for industrial maintenance, caving rescuing, climbing, and mountaineering. Also, this headlamp is the first choice by China Expedition, which is continuously being reported by Geography·China_CCTV. Moreover, H50 2.0 was selected as a recommended product by OUTSIDE magazine.




    Triple ON (Floodlight+Spotlight)
    Turbo: 2000 lumens~350 lumens; 40s + 4 hours; 141 meters; 4,968 cd
    High: 1000 lumens~350 lumens; 2min30s + 4 hours; 100 meters; 2,476 cd
    Mid: 450 lumens~350 lumens; 11min +3 hours 50min; 67 meters; 1,116 cd
    Low: 60 lumens;30 hours; 28 meters; 192 cd
    Ultra-Low: 10 lumens; 16days; 15 meters; 56 cd
    SOS: 1000 lumens; 5 hours; 100 meters; 2,476cd

    Two-Side ON (Floodlight)
    Turbo: 1350 lumens~300 lumens; 1min40s + 4 hours 20min; 99 meters; 2,428 cd
    High: 700 lumens~300 lumens; 4min + 4 hours 20min; 71 meters; 1,268 cd
    Mid: 300 lumens; 4 hours 18min; 47 meters; 560 cd
    Low: 40 lumens; 35 hours; 18 meters; 84 cd
    Ultra-Low: 6 lumens; 21 days; 13 meters; 40 cd
    SOS: 700 lumens; 5 hours; 

    Middle ON (Spotlight)
    Turbo: 650 lumens~220 lumens; 5min40s + 5 hours 50min; 103 meters; 2,636cd
    High: 350 lumens; 5 hours; 74 meters; 1,384 cd
    Mid: 150 lumens; 9 hours; 48 meters; 588 cd
    Low: 20 lumens; 40 hours; 20 meters; 104 cd
    Ultra-Low: 3 lumens; 30 days; 13 meters; 44 cd
    SOS: 350 lumens; 9 hours 30min

    L: 85mm/3.35in 
    H: 28mm/1.1in
    Weight: W/O 94g (3.32oz) W/142.3g(5.02oz)


    Compact and lightweight H50 2.0 headlamp equipped with floodlight,spotlight, or dual beam with a max output of 2,000lumens
    Utilizes 3 x Luminus SST-20 LED(Neutral White 5000K)
    Equipped with the customized TIR optic lens, can reflect uniform and soft light
    170° wide range flood light specially designed for outdoor applications
    141 meters long range coverage specially designed for industrial maintenance,caving rescuing,climbing and mountaineering
    180° tilt angle for different illumination needs
    Including one 18650 high capacity Li-ion battery and compatible with 2 x CR123.
    Built-in the concealed USB-C charging port is effectively protected against the complex outdoor environment
    USB-C Rechargeable Approx. 2hours 30 min to fully charge (Note: DO NOT attempt to use the H50 2.0 to charge CR123.)
    One button interface controls 5 brightness levels, 3 light sources and 1 SOS special mode
    Highly efficient constant current circuit provides a stable output of up to 30 days
    The Built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness output, keep using it comfortably
    The power indicator beneath the switch can indicate the remaining battery power
    Ergonomically designed bracket
    Elastic and breathable headband included with silicone sweat diverting strip
    Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy
    HA III military grade hard-anodized finish
    Rating in accordance with IP68 (2 meters submersible),All-weather applicable
    Impact resistance to 1 meter 

    1. Please remove the insulation film before the first use.
    2. DO NOT attempt to use the H50 2.0 to charge CR123.