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E70-AL EDC Flashlight


Customers praised E70-AL EDC Flashlight as one of the most beautiful looking pocketable EDC flashlights. The stylish double inner barrel hollow design is not just an eye candy, it also improves the heat dissipation efficiency. The unique featured lockout design prevents accidental activation for safety consideration. Overall, it is an aesthetically pleasing and very bright flashlight for the selection reason as the most beautiful gift.

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GTIN: 6970526500930


LED : XHP70.2 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
Moonlight: 1 lumen;  11 days
Low: 50 lumens; 50 hours 
Mid1: 180 lumens; 625cd; 50 meters; 12 hours 45 minutes
Mid2: 650 lumens; 1,600cd; 80 meters; 4 hours 
High: 1,300 lumens; 3,600cd; 120 meters; 1 hour 45 minutes
Turbo: 4,600 lumens; 14,400cd; 240 meters; 1 hours 30 minutes
Strobe: 1,650 lumens; 2 hours 30 minutes

Max. output 4,600 lumens 
Max. beam distance: 240 meters (787feet)
Max. runtime: 11 days
Peak beam intensity: 14,400cd

Pocket-sized, compact flashlight featuring with exquisite appearance and high amount of power
A max output level of as much as 4600 lumens output in an ultra-compact size 
Adopts an advanced LED to give great light efficiency
Powered by one 21700 USB battery, equipped with a built-in USB-C port (cable included), it is conveniently rechargeable without the need for a separate charger
21700 battery power source provides long runtimes for extended periods of use
A single 18650 battery is also adoptable (CR123 or RCR123 are NOT compatible)
Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
5 Brightness levels and 2 special modes (Strobe and Moonlight) for various scenarios
Utilize the most sophisticated technology to offer a small device that doesn't sacrifice power
Lockout mode and "double click to turn on" design prevents accidental activation
All circuitry contact points are gold-plated, providing better conductivity and superior durability
Strobe mode disorients an attacker without excessive force
All-in-one metal tail switch for convenient operation
Tail stand-capable for use as a candle
Ultra clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating
Made of durable high-strength and oxidation-resistance aero-grade aluminum
Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Impact resistance to 1 meter and waterproof to 2 meters submersible
Size: 128.3mm (Length) x 30mm (Head Diameter) x 27mm (Tube Diameter)
Weight: 102g(3.59oz.) w/o battery
Impact resistance to 1 meter
IP68 waterproof (2 meters submersible)


1:Unauthorized disassembly may damage the flashlight and void the warranty.
2:It is normal if the surface heat is increased during use due to the excellent thermal conductivity technology. It is suggested to use in a well ventilated area with ambient temperature.
3:Caution hot when used continuously for a long time. Do not put it on flammable materials for a long time, any fire or any safety problems caused by this will not be related
to the manufacturer and distributors.
4:Please check and replace the O-ring regularly to maintain the waterproof rating.
5:Please check and lubricate the threads regularly with professional lubricant.
6:Clean the contact surfaces regularly to keep the flashlight in normal operation. If an irregular strobe or failure to turn on occurs, the contact surfaces may be dirty and require cleaning by using alcohol cotton swabs.
7:Remove the battery from the flashlight during long-term storage.
8:This flashlight is not intended to be used as a diving light.
9:Do not aim the flashlight directly at the eyes. Users must be over 18 years of age. Keep out of the reach of children.

Existing reviews

Cool light
Took a while for shipping but very satisfied with the purchase. Overall, this light is well made, has a nice pattern and excellent quality. It fits well in my hand. Very impressed so far.
Everett | 5/21/2021 6:34 PM
I don't do reviews on store websites usually unless it's Amazon, but that's how good this light is. It's surprisingly really bright and packs a nice punch. It's also a lot smaller than I expected which is fine since it produces such a bright and vibrant light.
Seth | 5/23/2021 8:34 PM
Absolutely impressive!
It’s extremely bright for it to be so small. Perfect artwork.
Elevin | 5/24/2021 4:18 PM
A Very Great Flashlight !
When i received this flashlight i was very surpised at how nice and sturdy it was. The light itself is incredibly bright on all setting.This is an ideal nighttime companion. I would recommend this product to everyone who needs a great light.
Kerin B. | 5/27/2021 11:02 PM
I have several acebeam lights and when the E70 came out, I thought it would be a nice addition to my collection. I am happy with my purchase of the new E70.
Alivia | 5/30/2021 8:46 PM
Giant wall of light!
I just received my Acebeam E70 and thought I'd post my thoughts on it.

I ordered this pretty early on before the 5000k emitter or stainless steel options were available, so this is the 6500k aluminum version. This uses the XHP70.2, which I'm a huge fan of because I like my EDC lights to be floody. I had the Thrunite T2, but the side switch was prone to accidental activation so I began looking for a solution. I have been carrying the Meote FM1 in a hard holster, and that mostly solved the problems. But, it's kind of heavy, especially for an 18650 light.

Enter the E70. It runs on a 21700 battery, which I prefer because I don't have to swap cells in the middle of the night. The XHP70.2 is more than adequate on medium or high, but turbo is stupid bright. I don't mind the cool white 6500k emitter when I'm gaining some output and efficiency. I have a 4000k T36 with me if I need more distance and higher CRI.

So, the battery. This is my only issue with this light. I have the Acebeam branded battery with the integrated USB-C charging. Other than being pricey, there's nothing wrong with this battery. The problem is that the springs on the inside are quite short, especially when compared to the T36 and L35. A flat top 40t does not work in this. It will turn on, but if you move the light around at all, it breaks connection and the light turns off. You can use magnets, or whatever other tricks to lengthen your 40t, but a standard flat top will not be acceptable as is, it's just too short.

That's the end of the negatives. I'm loving everything else about this light. The run time, the ability to produce a WALL of light from a flashlight this small, the fit and finish... it's all there. The UI might divide a lot of people, but this has a double click for on. Frankly, I love it. I can carry this loose in a pocket, in a soft holster, however I want... and it won't burn a hole in my pants. I use my flashlight at work a LOT and for that reason it's not practical to carry it locked. Well... I don't have to worry about that ever again. And the double click for on is worth it for the peace of mind.

Also, the styling is unique and cool... it's not boring like a lot of other lights. I appreciate the effort they took to make it look special.

I think they hit a home run with this, and I really like that they aimed to solve the accidental activation problem. I'm pleased.
BENJAMIN | 5/31/2021 4:52 PM
This flashlights gets five stars
Very good and very dependable. There are smaller lights, brighter lights, longer lasting battery lights, tougher lights, etc. But this light has beautifully bright light, has fantastic battery life, is reasonably priced, etc. Simply put, this light really just does an amazing job giving you what you want.
This light has earned its spot in my EDC backpack.
Javier | 5/31/2021 5:26 PM
perfect edc 21700
super cool. beautiful design. compact edc whit 21700 battery
along | 6/1/2021 11:20 AM
This flashlight lights up my whole backyard. Amazing

Will be ordering a few more
Dave | 6/10/2021 9:36 PM
tak pernah mengecewakan. ini jadi lampu kegemaran saya sekarang. terbaik. barang padu bosku
along | 6/12/2021 11:26 AM
Awesome compact light
This light is just amazing! For my job I don't need a thrower and this is awesome.
The light output on this is just insane.
Feel wonderful in the hand, lastes long. You can go wrong with this light. It looks good to! Not to say about alo flashlights. Definitely worth the money & a user! The SS version is my safe queen and perhaps the Titanium to when I choose to purchase it ;)
Tom | 7/2/2021 12:31 AM
Perfect adventure light
The E70 is my second “enthusiast” light, and it lit up the dark in a way my thrower does not!

I purchased this light a month ago, and while it did take a while to ship, it was well worth it! I enjoy bringing this light on night hikes and camping trips, as it is perfect for trail usage.

Turbo delivers daylight when the sun is down, and the moonlight setting allows for low key usage without blinding everyone that’s on the other end of the light.

The only downside I experienced with the purchase of this light was the length of time shipping took, as I was impatient to get out and use my new toy!

I highly recommend this light to anyone looking for a reliable, pocket sized flood light.
Bradley | 7/2/2021 7:57 AM
The flashlight for a walk
There are a lot of pros for this flashlight: 21700 and overall runtime, look and feel, ergonomic etc.
Now it's my preferable flashlight for a walk. For me it's not EDC because it doesn't have smooth ramping and a possibility to decrease the brightness.
From all other points it's an ideal flashlight.

I recommend to buy with the battery or use batteries with 77mm length.
Mykola | 7/15/2021 7:52 PM
awesome flashlight
very bright flashlight and small for its power! I also like the housing style but i ll prefer to had more color options specially for the blue part
Ioannis | 7/16/2021 2:07 PM
Clean Look and Stellar Performance
The look of this light really drew me in. However, the performance was way more than I expected. It is a floody beam that gives me a wide view range out in the country. The distance is excellent and I keep my flashlight clean by rinsing it about once a week. My first Acebeam and it won’t be my last!
Lo | 8/7/2021 10:09 PM
After watching countless youtube videos and lurking around facebook discussions of flashlights, i settled with E70 as my first. Bought it due to its style/ergonomics (tail-switch, one-button design, simple UI), battery capacity (21700 5100mah), and output (bright output, floody).

i got the 5000k variant. the color temperature of the light is much better for my eyes when using it in the dark. i have a generic flashlight that puts out weaker light but white/bluish and it always hurt or stain my eyes. seeing the 5000k tint, oh boy did i made the right decision! the floody pattern is very good as well. throw distance, i have used it to light up a tree 80m away and it is clear for me. i am not expecting it to throw more than 500m as what i needed is a portable flashlight with plenty of light near me. also, a hundred meter of road to illuminate is sufficient.

E70 size is just the right, maximum size for it to be an EDC. and its size need to have a switch on the rear for a more comfortable hold of the flashlight during operation. i really like the double-click to ON. got used to it immediately. operations is really easy to learn:

1. hold momentarily for moonlight
2. double click from off then hold to cycle thru low-mid1-mid2-high
3. while ON, double click to access turbo and again to go back to previous brightness
4. triple-click for strobe.
5. from OFF, hold for 5sec to lock. then 2sec to unlock

not really a con for me but it does get hot fast. understandable due to its EDC size. also, it is realtively hot here in the philippines. though i am not using the turbo at most times. moonlight and mid-1 seems to get the job done for me. also, it would be great to add in SOS as well.

maybe acebeam can release a special cartridge or spacer so that we can use shorter 21700 battery.

all in all, i am very satisfied with E70.

would like to wish for a release of a 'tactical' version of E70 (longer, more agressive crenelated bezel). also, it would be great if it comes in a variant with orange as inner tube (acebeam!) and black-orange paracord.
Jesus Patrick | 8/8/2021 9:38 PM
2800 Lumens CRI 95 4500K awesome temperature
for forest tracking like me. will love tgis color temperature. thank Acebeam make this product look more useful..
along | 8/30/2021 6:01 PM
Good Light
It is a great light. ACEBEAM people are great to deal with.
Tim | 9/9/2021 8:18 AM
super awesome high CRI95+
2800 Lumens High CRI95+ GT FC40 LED get a nice beam ever.. thanks Acebeam make E70 perfect
along | 9/17/2021 11:30 PM
Excellent EDC flashlight from Acebeam
Acebeam did a very good job, both in terms of beautiful design and thermal capabilities. 4600 lm in such compact construction is marvelous.
My full review can be found here:

E70 XHP70.2 5000K version: https://youtu.be/0_Cde8djNr0
E70 GT-FC40 version: https://youtu.be/gOP10FR6tr0
Michał | 10/6/2021 5:37 PM
Great Light with CRI option
I got the CRI Version a few days ago and since i use it as my main light.
It really packs a punch with 2800 and a nice floody beam. It still has enaugh throw for Outdoor use as well, the spill just isn't very tight.

I can highly recommend this to anyone, who wants a good combination of throw and spill with a very good LED GT-FC40 High CRI.
Lukas | 10/13/2021 6:25 PM
E70-AL EDC Flashlight
Bonjour à tous, la lampe E70 est la meilleur des lampes tactique.
Son autonomie est incroyable, ce qui est un très gros avantage dans ce type de lampe que l'on utilise souvent.
L'atout de cette lampe est sa mise en route, enfin une belle innovation.
Pour allumer la lampe il faut cliquer deux fois rapidement, c'est géniale, fini les allumages accidentes par une simple pression sur le bouton.
Acebeam doit mettre à jour toutes ses lampe avec cette sécurité, super innovation.
Le système de rechargement est pratique et moderne.
Je recommande cette lampe à tous, elle est super belle.
La puissance est monstrueuse en turbo, la portée est largement suffisante, faisceau moyen.

Merci Acebeam super produit la E70.
David | 10/21/2021 3:38 PM
10 out of 5
Bought at online retailer shop. (not acebeam official store) One of the masterpiece of acebeam products and best edc flashlight ever for me!
Yoshikaze | 10/30/2021 9:49 AM
Well done
I was skeptical at first.  New to the brand.  But I am pleased.  Extremely bright for being as small as it is.  Doesn’t get too hot.  Looks absolutely fantastic.  I would definitely recommend this to a friend.  
| 11/21/2021 6:54 AM
Prefer the high CRI
I bought both, and while the output of the XHP70.2 was great, and the tint was acceptable, the tint of the high CRI version was just so much better. I kept the high CRI and gave the high output to a friend. It does get hit pretty fast on turbo though. Overall, it's a solid light!
Arthur | 6/22/2022 9:36 AM
This light is amazing it’s super lightweight and the output is incredible, the ui takes a bit of getting used to but the button is so slick it becomes addictive to use, it’s an amazing light and one of my favs
| 5/15/2023 5:06 PM
Amazing for its size
It's about half the size of my old torch, but about 5 times brighter. I don't know how they put such great performance into such a small torch. Awesome torch to add to my collection!
| 5/23/2023 4:04 PM
Great but not perfect
I like everything about this, except it does not have an adjustable beam width. I thought it was pretty standard for flashlights of this category to have adjustable beams because it is extremely useful.
| 12/17/2023 10:10 AM
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