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E70 MINI Titanium New Release

E70 MINI Titanium New Release

A bright and compact flashlight is always helpful to have on hand for any situation. 

Recently, Acebeam released the E70 mini titanium version constructed from luxurious titanium and perfected with a sandblasted finish, which features a stunning color and awesome features, lighting up the darkness when you need it. Let’s take a closer look at it!

E70 mini Titanium equipped with the latest popular 519A LEDs and Acebeam's unique customized TIR lens, offers natural, balanced light for less eye strain during use and accurate color rendering. Giving users an optimized lighting experience with so soft and balanced beam and a 90+ CRI rating that puts your vision first. 

With six brightness settings and a strobe, capable of withstanding drops and complete immersion, the E70 mini-Ti is not only a slim, stylish, and distinct aesthetics EDC, but also built for rugged use and multiple applications.

Additionally, the knurled surface of the body and blue spirals not only increase your grip on the light but amplifies the aesthetic of this high-performance pocket EDC flashlight. 

E70 mini is popular with so many different groups including technicians, workers, hunters, campers, and law enforcement officers. Whether you are taking it for camping or hiking, it will give you an extraordinary experience.


Nice to se a Titanium version of E70 mini

Nice to se a Titanium version of E70 mini as well. The blue inner tube gives an appealing contrast to the Titanium gray body color. This new appearance of the handy and practical E70 mini give me yet another temptation to buy it! Very tempting indeed.

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