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E70 MINI High-CRI EDC Flashlight New Release

E70 MINI High-CRI EDC Flashlight New Release

The E70MINI is a new product launched by Acebeam in June. 
After more than six months of development we believe we have produced the perfect EDC flashlight incorporating the latest technology coupled with customer feedback.

We have matched the E70MINI with the popular Nichia 519A LED (x3) and custom lens. This creates a beautiful, uniform and balanced beam profile. With a maximum output of 2000 lumens.

The High colour rendering (greater than 90), provides comfortable and pleasant illumination without any green tint and better red reproduction.

Powered by a single USB 18650 Li-Ion battery, it is lightweight and compact - the perfect every day carry size.

The E70 mini is has protected circuitry and supported with an updated user interface and, finally presented in a redesigned and attractive body built to last. Please refer to our full product specification here https://www.acebeam.com/e70mini

The E70 mini is ideal for camping trips, search and rescue, adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, collectors, security, and industrial applications.


What type of driver does this light use?

Is the driver inthis light, linear, linear with FET, buck, boost, or buck+boost?

Boost drive

Boost drive, strive to use the best drive is the goal of our efforts.