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E70 MINI Nichia 519A Flashlight

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E70 MINI Nichia 519A Flashlight


The latest popular 519A LED is with good current handling and nice tints, high CRI, without any green tint, and better red reproduction. The Acebeam E70 mini is equipped with triple 519A LEDs and customized TIR lens , producing a soft and balanced beam for comfortable use. Featuring stylish of E70 mini, powered by one USB 18650 li-ion battery, it is lightweight and compact - perfect size for pockets and bags, double click to turn on for added protection against accidental activation in transit, digital regulation allows consistent performance across the battery life. E70 mini makes a great light to take on camping trips, search-and-rescue, adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, collectors, security and industrial applications.

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      LED : 3 x High CRI Nichia 519A LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
      Ultra-Low: 12 lumens; 100 hours; 20 meters; 104 cd
      Low: 60 lumens; 19 hours; 39 meters; 375 cd
      Mid1: 170 lumens; 7 hours; 52 meters; 675 cd
      Mid2: 380 lumens; 3 hour 15min;71 meters; 1,275 cd
      High: 900 lumens~600lumens; 2min + 1 hour 55min; 102 meters; 2,625 cd
      Turbo: 2000 lumens~600 lumens; 40s + 2 hours; 153 meters; 5,875 cd
      Strobe: 1000 lumens; 2 hours; 112 meters; 3,150 cd
      Max. output 2,000 lumens 
      Max. beam distance: 153meters (787feet)
      Max. runtime: 56 hours
      Peak beam intensity: 5,875 cd

      Size: 4.37''/111mm (Length) x 1.02''/26mm (Head Dia.) x 0.92''/23.4mm (Body Dia.)
      Weight: 72g (2.53oz) without battery, 120g(4.23oz) with battery

      Compact size combined with high performance make the E70 MINI ideal EDC Flashlight
      Diminutive and finely crafted (Only 72grams excluding battery)
      Utilizes 3 x the latest popular high CRI Nichia 519A LED for a maximum output up to 2000 lumens
      The high CRI>90 Nichia 519A LED produces a uniform and smooth spot with no artifacts, capability revealing every detail on objects
      Neutral white (5000K) uniform spot reducing chances of misdiagnose
      Powered by 1 x 18650 rechargeable battery with max long runtime 56 hours
      5 Brightness levels and 2 special modes (Strobe and Ultra-Low) for various scenarios
      With a stainless steel clip can be attached to pockets
      Highly efficient circuit design 
      Stylish double layers tube design for better grip and heat insulation
      Lockout mode and "double click to turn on" design prevents accidental activation
      Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with dual-side anti-reflective coating ensures the highest optical efficiency and light transmittance
      Made of durable high-strength and oxidation-resistance aero grade aluminum
      Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
      Tail stand-capable for use as a candle
      Impact resistance to 1 meter 
      Rating in accordance with IP68 (2 meters submersible)


      1. Please remove the insulation film before the first use.

      Existing reviews

      Beautiful, functional performance
      I like triples and quads with broad wide beams, and this E70 Mini has become my recent favorite. The awesome & new 519A @ 5000K R9080 emitter behind TIR provides a flawless wide beam (around 30 deg to my eyes), great neutral tint for outdoors, no tint shift, and beautiful color rendition. Some may prefer warmer CCTs, especially for indoors, but I think 5000K is perfect for outdoors.

      The brightness levels are all perfectly selected, I can dial it in for good balance of runtime & brightness no matter what the situation. Since my hikes are varied in length between 1-6 hours, I really like that I can select a level that gives me runtime suitable to hike length. 170 lm for 7 hours is more than adequate for most things. I think the lowest mode is perfect too, which I will use during full moon low-light hike.

      I think this light should be 5 stars, but I am giving it 4.5 for only one reason: the springs are too short for normal flat top batteries to work reliably. You will need at least button top, and the selection of flat tops, depending on where you live, is always smaller than flat tops.

      I am hoping Acebeam can release a side-clicky version of this light, and an E70 (full size) quad 519 5000K as well. Additional improvements would be allow the blue collar for removal and cleaning, as dirt will collect in there. A great companion would be a H17 with the same emitter.

      In short, this light will replace a large swath of my collection. I've already ordered a few, I can not be without this one.
      | 6/28/2022 2:54 AM
      Lovely beam pattern and neutral tint
      The Acebeam E70 Mini produces one of the most neutral beams that I have seen. It is a lovely tactical EDC torch!

      The E70 Mini looks like a tactical torch with a matte black finish but it is comfortable, there are no sharp edges, and the beam that it produces is easy on the eyes.

      It would be nice if unprotected flat top 18650 cells fit. The tube is a bit too long. And double click to turn on will take some getting used to.

      I am impressed again with the excellent build quality from Acebeam.
      Tim | 7/5/2022 10:20 AM
      That thing light with nice CRI neutral white and really wide beam and spill - really close to that PT40 is producing. But E70mini definitely has better tint, those 519a leds are really nice! Good light to work with it in ranges to maximum 100 meters. I really like doubleclick to on (but you can access to moon with single long press from off anyway). Really cool allrounder.
      | 7/8/2022 5:36 PM
      E70 mini
      A great pocket flashlight.  Great quality nichia 519a with a beautiful, clean color, it does not turn green, which is the case with other producers.  Very good workmanship and great design.  Perfect for everyday use pocket, compact size, good power and high CRI showing details in nicer colors.
      Dawid | 9/29/2022 4:32 AM
      Good, but could be better!
      -Looks cool, and its cool that it matches my E70
      -Tritium slots!
      -Great LED, good tint, high CRI
      -Nice beam profile

      -Too Long for the battery size. Any cell besides the Acebeam cell either wont work at all (too much space) or wont work well (not enough spring compression)
      - - The available cell adds $10 to the cost – this is an unreasonable cell price
      -Auto lock, requiring double click from off is weird and takes adjusting to.

      Overall, I like it alot!
      Arthur | 11/19/2022 6:20 PM
      E70 Mini
      519A is a great choice, beautiful beam and the most beautiful tint. Premium craftsmanship, it just feels good to hold.
      | 6/10/2023 2:23 PM
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