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ACEBEAM H50 at Geography·China_CCTV

ACEBEAM H50 at Geography·China_CCTV

The H50 won the favor of members of the expedition team with its ultra-wide beam angle of 125° and high color rendering light source.

In a scientific caving mission to explore the Jade Dragon Cave, acebeam H50 gave full play to the advantages of its wide light-emitting angle and near-natural light source, giving the explorers a broader and safer visual perception in the dark and empty cave, and a near-natural Lighting experience under light.
The mission was a complete success, recorded and published in the Geographic China column.

In 2022, acebeam will launch the H50 2.0 version, which uses high color rendering SFT40 lamp beads, and retains the concentrating TIR lens in the middle, while the concentrating TRI lenses on both sides are changed to a softer flood lens version to achieve concentrating and panning. Optical complementary function.

Note: "China Geography" is a TV program based on geological scientific research and aimed at popularizing geographic knowledge. Introduce the new discoveries, new achievements, and new explorations of Chinese geology, and display the novel, peculiar and beautiful geological landforms in China.

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