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X75, The Best Tech of 2022 Awards

X75, The Best Tech of 2022 Awards

ACEBEAM is proud to announce that The MUO awarded X75 the Best Flashlight 2022 last week. Our brand new X75 was the light to earn top honors.

James,  Review Editor of MUO, described the AceBeam X75 flashlight as being "absurdly powerful", and indeed his review of the AceBeam X75 attests to its prowess in delivering those lumens. 

Acebeam X75 is a powerful flashlight with 80,000 lumens, housed in an aluminum alloy chassis, rugged and hard-wearing. The entire device is IP68 rated, meaning you can submerge it in up to 2m of water for 30 minutes, and not a drop will enter its internals.

X75 designs are at the forefront of technology. Combining the latest technology, plus the solution of 100W energy storage mobile power supply, it supports QC2.0, QC3.0, PD2. 0. PD3.0, AFC/FCP/SCP/VOOC input and output protocols, compatible with BC1.2/IPHONE. 

This flashlight features our signature boost circuit (20,000 lumens constant for 20+ minutes well controlled). Including intelligent cooling fan and scientific cooling air duct design, USB-C charging, and USB PD 60W~100W. Many on the market use the direct drive. 

This high-performance high-power flashlight is usually suitable for power outages, search emergencies, hurricanes, emergencies, and farm lighting.


BP8 Battery Pack

Is the X75 going to be available for purchase with the BP8 battery pack instead of the 4-battery pack? Are you able to add the runtime tables for the X75 when it is being used with the BP8 battery pack? With the BP8 battery pack, I imagine the X75 would have the highest and best sustained output of any torch on the market.

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