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X75 Micro-arc Oxidation 70.3 HI Released

X75 Micro-arc Oxidation 70.3 HI Released

The micro-arc oxidation is a technology called also plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO). It is a method to produce hard and corrosion-resistant coatings on Al, Mg, Ti, and other light metals. The method of micro-arc oxidation is very effective for protective and decorative coatings on aluminum profiles.

Acebeam X75 Micro-arc oxidation XHP70.3 version is more resistant to wear and corrosion than hard anodizing. It is up to 67,000 Lumens with very good regulation and efficiency and also can last 20,000 Lumens for 30 min or 10,000 Lumens for 60 min. 

Using a boost circuit, with a Patented Mechanic Safe Lock, and an easily replaceable fan, X75 is one of the most thoughtful and powerful flashlights. 

Equipped with PD60~100W charging/discharging and Power bank function, it is your portable charging station for outdoor emergencies!


compatible battery

is battery compatible with the x50

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