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X75, Acebeam Flagship Product of 2022

X75, Acebeam Flagship Product of 2022

The Acebeam X75 is endowed with an astonishingly high performance of a max output of 80,000lumens, the world’s brightest flashlight powered by a 4X21700 battery pack. Also, it is the world's first USB PD flashlight with a supporting max 100W rechargeable system which saves you more time. 

After more than 1 year of development, Acebeam's innovative development team has worked tirelessly to optimize the efficiency of the circuit up to 98% in order to produce as much light as possible.

X75 powerful flashlight features our iconic boost circuit. An intelligent detachable cooling fan for efficient heat dissipation, a scientific cooling air duct design makes X75 unique and stylish.

Supports Type-C PD60~100W Charging/Discharging and a built-in battery pack can be used as a power bank function- a truly uncompromising solution for the demanding professional user. 

The X75 is a rechargeable searching LED flashlight, with a wide beam angle momentary Turbo, and a strobe function that are quite ideal for security, law enforcement, and search and rescue.

What is the X75 Used For?
This is a serious piece of professional equipment. The X75 delivers more output than the vast majority of vehicle-mounted spotlights and puts it all into the palm of your hand. Compact but powerful! You can take this thing where no vehicle can go. This is what makes it an invaluable tool for security, law enforcement, industrial inspections, and search & rescue teams.

X75 can be used for the following scenarios:

Large area surveillance and security
Livestock security
Oil and gas pipelines & offshore rig inspections
Shoreline search & rescue
Ultra Long-distance distress signaling
First Responder Operations
Trailing wounded animals
Wilderness search & rescue operations
Blind/Disorient suspects and assailants
Large area lighting for disaster scenes
Police manhunts
Emergency fire starter



Acebeam X75 another typ of user

To the already long list of possible users I like to add one more user category, namely the flashoholics who want to try the best new products! I'm really looking forward to reading the first independent test!

70.2 o 70.3 HI?

non vedo l'ora di acquistare questa fantastica torcia... sono solamente indeciso tra le opzioni del led...
70.2 6500k o 70.3 hi 6500k?... ho già visto un sacco di filmati ma sono proprio indeciso... peccato non poterle provare entrambe e decidere

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