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Hold Acebeam X70, Don't Fear The Darkness

Hold Acebeam X70, Don't Fear The Darkness

One of the brightest flashlights in the world is Acebeam X70. Its brightness can reach 60,000 streamers. If it is turned on at night, almost most of the field of view can be changed to daytime. Without any obstruction, this flashlight can shoot At 1115 meters away, it was called the "God of the Sun".

Acebeam flashlights are basically manufactured based on the principle of strong light, while the X70 is a classic model. This flashlight uses 12 CREE XHP70.2 LEDs and 1 CREE XHP35 HI LED as the light-emitting body, which constitutes a strong light source with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Built-in X70-BP rechargeable battery pack (consisting of 8 18650, 3100 mAh high-performance lithium-ion batteries), the heat of these LEDs is dissipated by a centrifugal fan built in the handle and powered by a single rechargeable 18650 battery So that the X70 can maintain an output of up to 18,000 lumens in 50 minutes, and emit 25,000 lumens in 8 minutes or 60,000 lumens. The X70 circuit compartment is solid, which means that the entire head is designed with a whole piece of aluminum CNC machining car with an outer diameter of 116MM*72MM in depth. The huge heat of the lamp bead is directly connected to the shell, and the heat can be directly discharged through the integrated lamp holder.

X70 has a built-in constant current and constant voltage circuit with high efficiency of greater than 95% can keep the brightness constant and flicker-free, thereby reducing useless power consumption. Unique circuit heat dissipation design. There are copper sheets on the circuit board to help it dissipate heat, up to 550W of power. It can perfectly solve the heat dissipation problem of the circuit board! Moreover, Acebeam X70 can be repeated to extremely bright many times, because it is DC dimming, there will be no stroboscopic problem.

How long does it take to charge? With a 2.5A charging current, it can be fully charged in only 3 hours, which greatly shortens the charging time. Know that an ordinary charger takes 6 hours or more!

Is it waterproof? of course! There is no problem even if the X70 is placed in water of 5 meters or more.

So how strong is the light of this "God of the Sun" flashlight, in fact, feel the temperature of the flashlight with your hand, you will know that it is not so much a flashlight, but more like a torch, because its 60,000 streamer intensity consumes It has a great power so that the heat is continuously released. If it is turned on to the maximum brightness, it only needs to be placed on the paper for less than a minute, and the white paper will start to burn by itself. , It is estimated that if you hit an egg, it may be cooked quickly. But don’t worry too much. When in use, it has 6 levels that can be adjusted. Once its internal temperature reaches 60 degrees, it will automatically adjust to prevent people from getting burned during use.

X70 represents a new benchmark for portable lighting. He is the "Night Terminator", as long as it is turned on at night, there will be a sense of sight during the day. This flashlight is especially suitable for search and rescue, marine operations, forestry and game park management, etc.



Yes say good Bye to the X70, like many other from Acebeam.... Without any replacement...


The Acebeam  x70 is like carrying a sunny day around with you. I made the mistake of turning it on in the house for the first time. I'm lucky I was wearing very dark sunglasses or I would have damaged my eyes. My neighbor saw the light coming from inside the house and called to make. sure everything was ok. When you use the x70 at night outside, a 180 degrees and approximately 60 yards of darkness is transformed into daylight.. The only improvement that I would've made is  I would have put a 70.2 led in the center of the head instead of a 35.I truly enjoy everything about the X70. I highly recommend the X70.

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