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High Power Flashlights

Rugged, powerful output, waterproof and compact size have always been important reasons why Acebeam search series products are favored by customers in rescue, emergency, outdoor exploration, and other application fields. 
Instead of slowly dimming over time, your flashlight stays at a constant brightness until it runs out. The current new generation of Acebeam search series products is equipped with fast charging functions - such as the X75, which is the world’s brightest flashlight powered by a 4X21700 battery pack with a maximum brightness of 80,000 lumens. Also, it is the world's first USB PD flashlight with a supporting max 100W rechargeable system which saves you more time. 

Brightest Flashlight

X75 Brightest Power Bank Flashlight


The world's brightest Power Bank flashlight(PD60~100W charging/discharging function), Up to 80,000 Lumens; Built-in 4 x 21700 battery pack. Using a boost circuit, the scientific cooling air duct design provides 20,000 lumens for 30 minutes. It is the strongest waterproof flashlight and features a momentary switch for Turbo, with an easily replaceable fan unit. Free and within 3-5 working days fast shipping.

White Brightest Flashlight

X75 Micro-arc Oxidation Flashlight 70.3 HI


Acebeam X75 Micro-arc oxidation XHP70.3 version with 67,000 Lumens is more resistant to wear and corrosion than hard anodizing; Using a boost circuit provides 20,000 lumens for 30 min or 10000 for 60 min. It's also the best Waterproof Flashlight with an easily replaceable fan unit. Equipped with PD60~100W charging/discharging and Power bank function, it is also your portable charging station for outdoor emergencies! Micro-arc oxidation can not be perfect, please note

图片 X50 2.0 First PD Power Bank Flashlight

X50 2.0 First PD Power Bank Flashlight


The common disadvantages of other high-brightness flashlights on the market are fast consumption of power/battery and long re-charging time. The X50 2.0 is equipped with a PD60W charging power design, which can fully charge the X50 within an hour, greatly improving the flexibility of the X50 2.0 as a lighting tool. 'My time is precious, and I don't want to waste too much time waiting for my flashlight to be fully charged, and it could be 3-5 hours! '---A voice from a consumer. The X50 2.0 (World's first PD power bank flashlight on the market) leads a new era of flashlights with a maximum output of 45,000 lumens (the brightest flashlight powered by 3X21700 batteries) and PD60W fast charging. Featured with PD60W and Type-C input/output, this handheld searchlight also is one outdoor mini power station to charge up phones and other devices. Waterproof to underwater 2meters, patented mechanical lockout, and single-handed operation, all these make X50 2.0 perfect for outdoor searching, industrial searching, self-defense, rescuing, and smart power on the go.

图片 K75 High Power Flashlight

K75 High Power Flashlight


ACEBEAM K75 high-power flashlight is a professional searchlight in the palm of your hand, a well-deserved king of long-range shooting. It can subvert your imagination at any time!

图片 X80GT 2 Powerful Flashlight

X80GT 2 Powerful Flashlight


High-performance lighting equipment is essential for caving, the X80GT-2 as the most powerful flashlight in its class, accompany the expedition China team for their caving experience, which is continuously being reported by Geography·China_CCTV. With XHP50.3 LEDs, longer beam throw, and waterproof underwater 30meters, this light makes it the perfect accessory for caving, search and rescue missions, or for day-to-day tasks. X80 was released 5 years ago, high praise by outdoor enthusiasts and explorers for its excellent performance and high quality, and has become the preferred "best portable searchlight".