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High Power Flashlights

Acebeam is popular among flashlight fans because of its unparalleled quality and high performance. Our most powerful flashlights use a constant current and constant voltage circuit design which can maintain the same brightness every time it is turned on.
We focus not only on quality and brightness but also on plain convenience and ease of use. We have great handheld flashlights for everyday carry, tactical flashlights for military and security personnel, and a variety of outdoor and hunting flashlights.
If you haven't tried out one of our powerful flashlights, you are in for an intense experience. With some of our brightest lights going up to 60000 lumens, you will never have to look out your back door at night and wonder “what was that?” again. Our ultra-bright flashlights come in a wide range of builds. While some are designed for hunting and extreme weather, others remain reasonably sized to keep on hand, in your car, or around the house for easily accessible bright lighting. Feel confident and comfortable with some of the brightest lights on the market. Ultra-bright and high-performing, our LED flashlights are fun for both hobbyists and outdoorsmen alike.
Our easy-to-use and durable flashlights were made with you in mind so grab a new Acebeam today and it will fast become your favorite companion.

图片 X50 2.0  PD Power Bank Flashlight

X50 2.0 PD Power Bank Flashlight


World's first PD power bank flashlight on the market. The X50 2.0 leads a new era of flashlights with a maximum output of 45,000 lumens (brightest flashlight powered by 3X21700 batteries) and PD60W fast charging. Featured with PD60W and Type-C input/output, this handheld searchlight can be quickly charged within one hour, and also is one outdoor mini power station to charge up phones and other devices. Waterproof to underwater 2meters, patented mechanical lockout, single-handed operation, all these make X50 2.0 perfect for outdoor searching, industrial searching, self-defense, rescuing, and smart power on the go.

Acebeam High Power Flashlight

K75 High Power Flashlight

$321.90 $299.90

ACEBEAM K75 high-power flashlight is a professional searchlight in the palm of your hand, a well-deserved king of long-range shooting. It can subvert your imagination at any time!

图片 X80GT 2 Powerful Flashlight

X80GT 2 Powerful Flashlight

$378.95 $339.90

The X80GT-2 is the most powerful flashlight in its class, small like the average soda can. With XHP50.3 LEDs and longer beam throw on this light makes it the perfect accessory for search and rescue missions or for day-to-day tasks. X80 was released in 5 years ago, high praise of outdoor enthusiasts and explorers for its excellent performance and high-quality, and has become the preferred "best portable searchlight".

图片 X50 High CRI LED Photography Fill Light

X50 High CRI LED Photography Fill Light


Photographer's Best Friend. ACEBEAM X50 Photography Fill Light is the best tool to make sure your photos turn out perfect! The fill light provides a color rating index (CRI) of 95, meaning the colors in your photos will appear almost exactly as they would in real life, making your images more realistic. 21,000Lumens output, 1.8 hours fast charge, and can be used as a power bank. If your job or hobby requires that you make decisions based on colors in dimly lit scenarios, then it is best to incorporate a X50 high CRI flashlight into your tool box.

Acebeam Best Compact Flashlight

K30GT Far-Throwing Searchlight

$182.90 $109.90

Acebeam K30GT is the best compact flashlight with 5500 lumens output and its beam reaches a distance of 1024 meters. The K30-GT ideal for everyday carry and outdoor activities.