5 Years Warranty



High Power Flashlights

Need a powerful enough tool to light up everything in the dark? ACEBEAM's high power series can surely satisfy your demands in different lighting situations where the most powerful lights are needed to accomplish the missions. Long roads, large areas, and deep caves, all of such places no longer have to wait until daytime to be explored fully, because with one of ACEBEAM's high power flashlights almost everything in the dark can be clearly visible. With years of industry experience in the R&D, production and management of lighting solutions, ACEBEAM has unique insights into what goes into the making of a most suitable lighting tool for you to use in different scenarios, an advantage that is proven to be critical in developing brighter series of light such as X50, X75, and K75. What makes a brightest light suitable to use is not entirely only the lumens, what count are unique details that often are easy to be overlooked. ACEBEAM knows what you need in terms of not just the brightness, but the safety and convenience of use.