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Find Out the Best EDC Flashlights

Find Out the Best EDC Flashlights

You might probably wonder, what does EDC stand for? EDC stands for everyday carry so an EDC flashlight is an everyday carry flashlight. These are small flashlights that can fit in your purse or pocket or on a keychain. With the portability of pocket-sized flashlights, an EDC light delivers the strength and versatility you need to get out of the dark.

A brighter EDC flashlight is only ideal if you're a car mechanic, a police officer, or you want that really bright output. When it comes to the all-new Acebeam E70, only two words come to mind: compact and brightest.

There are four versions of E70.

E70-AL, the perfect go-to EDC for a variety of users and applications. Powerful EDC with a max output of 4,600 lumens.

E70-CU, your Favorite EDC Light Now in Copper! It is very suitable for collection and has a sense of age. Can be passed on from generation to generation.

E70-SS, crafted by precision CNC from stainless steel, Pure and Clean Aesthetics is the essence of E70-SS!  With 4,000 lumens in your hand, this light is great for camping, late-night walks, or general use in the great outdoors. A symbol of high-end and luxury.

E70-TI, Stylish EDC for numerous applications and environments. Capable of withstanding drops and complete immersion, the E70-Ti is also built for rugged use and multiple applications.
Compared to the larger flashlights, more compact models fit comfortably in your purse for daily use. Lights can be small enough to fit in your pocket or purse or even put on a keychain for everyday use. I love carrying an EDC flashlight around since it helps me lighten up my surroundings when it's dark.

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