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2022 Innovative AA Flashlight - Acebeam Rider RX

2022 Innovative AA Flashlight - Acebeam Rider RX

Acebeam's new model Rider RX is not only a small but powerful EDC flashlight, but also a cool mini gadget best for stress and anxiety relief and pass time.

It has an amazing stainless steel finish and super high-quality machining, beautifully engineered and crafted. 

With a Nichia 219F LED high CRI value 90 and a neutral 5000K color temperature that puts out a stunning 650 lumens and a max throw of 96 meters, you will have a clear view of your surroundings.  Powered by Customized ACEBEAM14500 rechargeable Li-ion battery with the built-in USB-C charging port. Dual Fuel with 14500 Li-ion battery Battery and normal AA battery. AA battery is familiar with widely available and affordable. Get the maximum performance out of your flashlight with a 14500 battery, which is included in the package. Keep a few widely available AA power for backup. 

Rider RX is an ultra-compact and lightweight forward-clicky EDC flashlight. Half-press the forward clicky tail switch, you can easily access the momentary-on function. The dual direction and deep pocket clip make it convenient to carry in a pocket for a hands-free experience.

Slide it back, forth, and down to fidget. Hours of enjoyment and relaxation to be had for sure.

This is a redefined EDC awesome fidget flashlight. 


Great Design

Sleek design with included fidget is incredible! Excited to try it out!

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