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Tactical Light- Defender P15

Tactical Light- Defender P15

Introduce our latest product P15!!! 

Combines EDC and tactical functions. The size is portable and the appearance is exquisite. The use of flexible and unique modular design marks a huge breakthrough in the ACEBEAM tactical series.

Innovative rail mount/charging/remote switch install system, avoid frequent disassembly. M-Lock and Picatinny Compatible. The output of up to 1,700 lumens and a range of 330 meters is enough to allow you to identify potential threats and control the situation. The main body of the product is made of 7075 aluminum alloy with a distinct knurled pattern to provide a better grip and a more aggressive jagged bezel.

Multi-function unique tail tube: disassembly-free charging, one-touch strobe.

The new finger grip ring (FGR) fits perfectly with the tactical clip base of the flashlight, making it more comfortable to hold and use.

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