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New Product Release丨ACEBEAM Compact Tactical Flashlight T35

New Product Release丨ACEBEAM Compact Tactical Flashlight T35

Not all flashlights are called tactical flashlights. A high-quality tactical flashlight should be excellent both inside and outside. It has a delicate, tough, and cool appearance, powerful internal performance, and powerful combat power. Once activated, it can instantly sweep away all obstacles in front of you!
ACEBEAM's tactical series has always been famous for its high performance and compact structure. The new product T35 has a compact body but has a high-brightness output of 1,900 lumens, a powerful long-range of 380 meters, 5 brightness levels, and one-button activation of self-defense flash, which fully meets the needs of duty, patrol and search, tactical needs and personal lighting. In the control of details, we also strive for excellence. The body is compact and lightweight, making it stress-free to hold with one hand and easy to put in your pocket. It can be used as your pocket EDC and a portable companion for exploring nature.
T35 is equipped with a Luminus SFT40 LED and uses USB Type-C direct charging, which is fast and easy to fully charge. It comes standard with an 18650 battery, which takes only 3 hours to fully charge. The full battery life can meet your various needs: finding items, camping lighting, outdoor hiking, car maintenance, etc.
It adopts double-button operation, which is very precise and agile! Tactical tail press lights up with one touch. The neck dimming can achieve precise control. A single click can cycle through the gears. Press and hold to immediately enter the strobe mode, which can temporarily blind and stun the target in seconds, giving you a fighting advantage. ! At the same time, it can be used with a tactical ring for extremely fast control and instant deployment, giving you a different tactical lighting experience.
Battery status indicator light reminder. When you turn on the light, the indicator light on the side switch will glow. Green light means power on/battery is full, red light means the battery is low/charging, and red light flashes means the battery is low. With this battery indicator, you can plan your usage and better understand the condition of your battery.
​IP68 protection, worry-free travel all day long. Dust-proof rubber plug completely prevents dust and mud from entering. The product has passed a 1.5-meter drop test from 6 drop surfaces and remains sturdy even if dropped accidentally.
ACEBEAM T35 is not afraid of harsh environments and can accompany you to enjoy the outdoors.