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5 Years Warranty


Acebeam LED headlamps including e bike light, are built with high-performing features to meet all of your lighting needs. An Acebeam headlamp is both durable and comfortable, most rated IP68, providing you light even in extreme weather conditions. 

Picture of H16 Headlamp Orange (519A-V1 LED)

H16 Headlamp Orange (519A-V1 LED)


The Acebeam H16 orange version is a high color rendering single AA battery powered right angle headlamp sporting a 90 value color rendering index (CRI) 519A-V1 LED which produces 650 lumens max in 5000K neutral white color. It has a magnetic tail, pocket clip, and headband for multiple carry options. Being able to use regular AA batteries is convenient and the included USB-C rechargeable battery performs very well and is charged quickly.

Picture of H15 2.0 Rechargeable Industrial Headlamp

H15 2.0 Rechargeable Industrial Headlamp


The Acebeam H15 2.0 is a dual light source rechargeable headlamp ideal for Industrial uses. It includes a magnetic base and belt clip for continued hands-free use. Combined with white light and characteristic red light the H15 2.0 headlamp has a max output of 2800 lumens.

Picture of H16 Running/Fishing Headlamp

H16 Running/Fishing Headlamp


It is the first high-color-rendering AA headlamp on the market that uses a 519A LED which produces a 5000K, uniform, and full large beam. It is also the best fishing headlamp. The light is soft, comfortable, and non-glaring. Compatible with the standard AA battery, which is reliable, inexpensive, and easy to find. Can be firmly attached to a metal surface with a magnetic tail or clip in your pocket as a chest lamp, offering various lighting demands.

Rechargeable Headlamp

H50 2.0 Rechargeable Headlamp


High performance makes extraordinary that is the new H50 2.0 Outdoor Rechargeable Headlamp that combines Spot-and Floodlight or dual beam with a max output of 2,000lumens. 141 meters long-range coverage and 170° wide range flood light specially designed for industrial maintenance, caving rescuing, climbing, and mountaineering. Also, this headlamp is the first choice by China Expedition, which is continuously being reported by Geography·China_CCTV. Moreover, H50 2.0 was selected as a recommended product by OUTSIDE magazine.

Picture of H30 USBC Rechargeable Brightest Headlamp

H30 USBC Rechargeable Brightest Headlamp


H30 is the brightest LED headlamp on the market driven by a single 21700 battery. Suitable for mining, exploration and outdoor search, the secondary LED options of Red+Green, Red+UV, and Red+ CRI are available to enrich your application scenarios. Red LED preserves your night vision; UV for police and crime scene investigators; CRI light has the ability to present the original color of the light source to achieve better lighting effects.

Picture of H17 Lightweight Headlamp

H17 Lightweight Headlamp


Acebeam H17 is an L-shaped best rechargeable headlamp. TIR optic facilitates efficient light transmission with a broad beam and generous throw, 2000lm brightness or 134m beam distance or CRI value 90 LED options perfect for hikers and campers exploring at night.