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EDC Flashlight

E70 MINI Nichia 519A Flashlight


Acebeam E70 MINI Nichia 519A Flashlight handles tasks of lighting like never before, boasting a stylish blue inner tube external appearance. It is equipped with triple 519A LEDs and a customized TIR lens, producing a soft and balanced beam for comfortable use. Powered by one USB 18650 lithium battery, it is lightweight and compact, a perfect size for pockets and bags. Double-click to turn it on for added protection against accidental activation in transit. Digital regulation allows consistent performance across the battery life. E70 mini makes a great light to take on camping trips, search-and-rescue, adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, collectors, security, and industrial applications.

519A EDC Flashlight

Pokelit AA CU


As soon as Pokelit AA CU hits the market, it becomes one of the favorite lights among different users. Constructed out of raw copper with a pinkish-red hue, it has a body that will develop a natural patina over time. Being the best AA flashlight, it features a high CRI90 Nichia 519A emitter capable of shooting a very clear and clean round hotspot. This high CRI flashlight also has a very convenient setup, a dual-direction clip that can attach to a hat. The tactical tail switch activates three modes of brightness. Running on 14500 lithium-ion batteries or AA alkaline/NiMH batteries, it is one of the most useful EDC lights overall.

Picture of X50 2.0 High CRI LED Photography Fill Light

X50 2.0 High CRI LED Photography Fill Light


Photographer's Best Friend. ACEBEAM X50 Photography Fill Light is the best tool to make sure your photos turn out perfect! The fill light provides a color rating index (CRI) of 95, meaning the colors in your photos will appear almost exactly as they would in real life, making your images more realistic. 21,000Lumens output, 1 hour fast charge, and can be used as a power bank. If your job or hobby requires that you make decisions based on colors in dimly lit scenarios, then it is best to incorporate a X50 high CRI flashlight into your tool box.