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ACEBEAM Signs Official Brand Agreement With Cree LED

ACEBEAM Signs Official Brand Agreement With Cree LED

For over a decade, Cree LED has been the most valuable portable LED brand with unbeatable performance, excellent customer support, and superior product quality. Cree LED delivers an expansive portfolio of LEDs optimized for the highest lumen output and longest throw distance. Cree LEDs can be found in products manufactured by leading lighting companies around the globe.

ACEBEAM signed an official brand agreement with Cree LED in October, which means that ACEBEAM is already an official partner of Cree LED. As the first brand officially recognized by Cree LED in China, ACEBEAM will continue its policy of making the best lighting tools and developing products with the highest performance. 

Every product ACEBEAM develops is an act in a responsible manner. We believe in the quality of our products, and they also offer a five-year warranty on all products.ACEBEAM's mission is to bring light to your work. We will continue to innovate, with considerate and high-quality services, to let global ACEBEAM users feel the magic and charm of outdoor sports and nature.

The future is always brighter than expected, as ACEBEAM makes one progress after another.

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