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Acebeam New Headlamp H15

Acebeam New Headlamp H15

What will you take when outdoor activities? You can not miss the Acebeam upgraded, all-powerful CREE XHP70.2 LED headlamp H15. 4 magnetic rotating positions with Turbo mode, plus 2 special modes (Strobe + SOS) are available for your selection under any circumstance to satisfy all your illumination needs.

Acebeam H15 is an indestructible LED headlamp. It gives a super bright output of 2500 lumens on max effortlessly powered a super-bulb in its innards - the CREE XHP70.2 LED; with the max run time 65 hours when it is at the lowest 101 lumens. The Acebeam H15 creates a wide light cone with up to 135 meters. It also specially has Strobe and SOS modes. The Strobe mode is sending alarms quickly when you are in danger. And the SOS mode is sending the S.O.S signal effectively when the help is needed. Both Strobe and SOS mode even have a running time up to 2 hours with 1500 lumens.

Acebeam H15 offers a maximum beam intensity of 4540cd. It has been built to be impact resistant to 1m. What’s more, this impressive headlamp is also water resistant up to IPX6 standard. So there is no need to worry about if it happens to fall into a puddle when night outdoor adventures.

An extremely low weight of just 50g w/o battery (99g including battery) allows the H15 also wear over a longer period at the head pleasantly, so you can focus entirely on the task you are doing and not even think about the headlamp.

Acebeam H15 is an extremely powerful head lamp for all outdoor enthusiasts. With Acebeam H15, you will never be left out in the dark.


Bring back the magnetic ring

I hope that you bring back a headlamp like the old H15 LED Headlamp with it's magnetic ring for changing brightness levels. That should be the standard.  
It was so convenient and easy just to twist to change brightness levels.  It is my favorite headlamp.

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