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Acebeam EC35 Bronze is presenting

Acebeam EC35 Bronze is presenting

A work of art - and of time
As man emerged from the dark caves of ancient history he discovered that bronze - which is a mixture of copper and other metals - is harder than copper alone and more suited to making the tools he needed to survive.
Now, five thousand years later, ShenZhen Zenbon Technology of China have rediscovered this ancient alloy, milled it in their precision lathes, filled it with cutting-edge electronics and laser-engraved it with the name "Acebeam EC35 Bronze".
At only 136mm (5.35") in length and 25mm (1") diameter, this limited edition flashlight is small enough to carry in a pocket or purse, yet it is absolutely historic in its performance. Acebeam's engineers have thrown the book at it, incorporating every feature the enthusiast or professional could possibly ask for. 
The EC35 Bronze is equipped with Cree's ultra-efficient XPL HI (high intensity) emitter to deliver 1,100 lumens of digitally regulated neutral-white (4,000k) light. A clear reflector focuses this brilliance through an anti-reflection-coated lens into a perfect 22,500 candela beam, equivalent to a throw of 300 metres using the standards laid down by ANSI (the American National Standards Institute).
A stainless steel side switch allows the user to select from five well-spaced brightness levels, ranging from Firefly (0.3 lumens) to Turbo (1,100 lumens) along with a devastatingly powerful dual-frequency defensive strobe, while a tactical tailswitch provides instant access to the last-used setting.
The EC35 Bronze is powered by a single industrial 18650 rechargeable lithium ion battery or two CR123A disposable cells to run between 50 days and 1.1 hours, depending on the level of brightness selected. The flashlight can tailstand without accessories to illuminate large spaces and it's supplied with a removable pocket clip (which also prevents rolling off flat surfaces), a holster, lanyard, spare o-rings and a spare tailswitch cover.
Primarily an alloy of copper and tin, bronze develops a "patina" with age, making each copy as unique as the person who owns it. So that the owner gets to enjoy this process, Acebeam have engineered the EC35 Bronze to last a lifetime. An advanced thermal regulation system protects against overheating, while the body is IPX8 rated for submersion to depths of 2 meters and it's impact resistant to 1.2 meters. More importantly, it carries Acebeam's 5-year warranty, fully supported by their global network of dealers.
Thousands of years from now, when they discover a copy of this flashlight, archaeologists may smile at the symbolism of a state-of-the-art 21st century electronic device built into a metal used by man not long after he learned to walk upright - a symbiosis of the very oldest and the very newest technologies.
The EC35 is is not just a work of art, it's a work of time.

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