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ACEBEAM BK10 Powerful Bicycle Light 2000 Lumens

ACEBEAM BK10 Powerful Bicycle Light 2000 Lumens

BK10 is a single piece Bicycle light designed in accordance STVZO. It contains a XHP35 HI LED powered by one piece 21700 rechargeable cell with super high capacity of 5100mAh. The light features five brightness leves: Ultra-Low, Low, Medium, High, Turbo; and also a special function SOS serves as a distress signal. It pumps out 2000 lumens brightness in Turbo. Due to the super high capacity 21700 5100mAh battery, the BK10 can even last for 37 hours on its Ultra-Low setting at 30 lumens and even 15 hours at SOS with 350 lumens, which is more than enought light for most types of riding. The specification of the light is carried out in accordance with the NEMA FL 1-2009 standard and may vary from flashlights, batteries, and environments.  

The multifunctional single button controls all operations. It is for ON/OFF with Single Click when the light is at Unlock status. The Ultra-Low mode can be easily activated by long-pressing for 0.5 seconds. Long press the switch without loosing it when the light is ON, the light will goes to the memorized mode and then cycle from Low - Med - High. The memorized mode? Yes, that’s right. BK10 has the intelligent memorization function for Low&Med&High brightness. Double click when the light is at Unlock status to cycle between Turbo and the memorized mode. And Triple click is to activate SOS special function (sincerely hope that on one will use this function.). The Lock and Unlock functions are of great use to avoid the unecessary lost on battery energy. When the light is stored inside the pocket or backpack, the user can Lock the lamp by long pressing the switch for 5 seconds when the light is OFF, so that the light can not be activated by accident. It can be Unlocked by long pressing the switch for 5 seconds when the lamp is Locked.

The low battery warning indicator inside the switch tells user the volatage status of the battery so that the battery can be recharged or changed in time. The indicator is Green when the voltage is above 3.2V; Red when the voltage is between 2.9V-3.2V; Red flash when the voltage is lower than 2.9V. This helps ensure you don’t get caught out on a ride with no light.

An additional feature on the BK10 is in the optimized Dual Distance Beam system that throws the light in an even, useable pattern. The brightness close to the bike as well as the long-range throw allow for anticipation of obstacles well up the road or trail.

BK10 has 85°wide-angle uniform beam. 90% light transmittance PMMA lens help BK10 to deliver homogenous spot light. A unique anti-glare design from rectangular beam spot keeps the light emitted pointed level and below, preventing plashing in the eyes of pedestrians and motor vehicles. While on an evening ride, you certainly need to see in front of you, impairing the vision of oncoming traffic could spell disaster.

The sturdy and quick-release bike mount makes it easier to mount or dismount the light to the handlebar, and also helmet. Handlebar mount is a good first location, while helmet mount is also a good secondary mounts. Helmet mounts are more appropriate for night mountain bike rides, where you may want illumination to follow your gaze rather than where the bike is pointing. The high-quality detachable rubber mat improves the shock and slip resistance when riding.

Another big bonus of BK10 is micro-USB compatible charging at the back side. This utilises the regular USB point on your PC, mains phone charger or car charger and reduces the need for untidy or bulky charging units you need to find a home for, and means you can easily recharge in the car or campervan. The built-in power indicator beside USB charging port tells the charging status: Red means in charging status; Green means fully charged.

IP65 rated protection assures BK10 with rain resistance and dust proof. Impact-resistant casing made of aviation aluminum alloy with additional anodizing of the outer surface for reliable protection against the formation and development of corrosion processes. And it is backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

ACEBEAM BK10 provides you with a professional and complete bicycle lighting solution.

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