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White Laser Lights

Acebeam is the Pioneer of the White Laser Flashlight.

White Laser Light technology delivers high-density white light, shining brighter and farther than ever before. It meets the gap in current technologies with the reliable efficiency of LED and the bright, narrow beams of legacy halide and halogen. White Laser Light surpasses the limits of existing lighting options to deliver safe, high luminance, collimated, long-throw beams, from an incredibly small, lightweight source. It doesn’t just offer superior technology, it’s enabling entirely new opportunities in specialty lighting.
White laser a new product with the new technology that converts the blue laser beam emitted by a semiconductor into a broad-spectrum, divergent, safe, and bright incoherent white light through a high-performance phosphor element. Similar to the LED illumination principle, the white phosphor is excited to produce safe and bright white light!
Recognized by the academic community, laser products have three characteristics, both directional, monochromatic, and coherent. The white light in the White laser is an isotropic divergent light emitted from a high-performance phosphor element, therefore the White laser does not have directionality. In the same way, the blue light of the narrow spectrum of the semiconductor has been converted into broad-spectrum white light during the conversion process of the high-performance phosphor element, so it does not have monochromaticity and coherence. In other words, the White laser does not have the "three characteristics" of the laser.
The core of White laser is to reduce the light-emitting area of fluorescent light to a small extent so that the unique effect of long-range illumination can be formed by a convex lens. This technology has been applied to the high-end models of BMW, Audi, and Land Rover, and has been widely welcomed by consumers. At the same time, it can also be used for photography fill light, drone shooting, ship lighting industry.

White Laser Flashlight

W10 White Laser Flashlight


The W10 is a USB-C rechargeable LEP flashlight that utilises a white laser emitter transform the blue laser energy into focused, crystal-white light (BMW is using similar phosphor technology to create laser headlamps for their vehicles). The convex lens produces a 250 lumen output with a beam throw of up to 1000m. A 5100mAh 21700 battery combined with the highly efficient LEP light source provides and a runtime of 3.3 hours at maximum output and maximum throw. Coloured filters are available in Green and Red which adds to the versatility of the W10.