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Raising Hope, Lighting For Love

Raising Hope, Lighting For Love

Today, breast cancer has become the disease with the highest incidence of cancer in women, seriously threatening the healthy life of women around the world, but the public and even most women themselves still have low awareness of breast cancer prevention.
In order to expand the awareness of breast cancer prevention and control, and to arouse more people's attention to women's health issues, Acebeam has become a proud supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation in September and produced a pink flashlight and will be on November 1st. Start a charity sale to help more female friends who are troubled by breast health problems.
The pink Pokelit 2AA continues all the features of the Pokelit 2AA, but the color is changed, and the performance is still remarkable. The important thing is this flashlight, which also carries hope and mission.
Doctors, nurses, and EMTs will find the Pokelit 2AA ideal for pupil examination and injury diagnosis due to Nichia 519A's uniform light spot and high CRI rating (>90) (more accurate display of color).

Charity Sale Time: From 00:00 AM 11/1 EDT. 
Charity Sale Price: $27.9.
Purchase link:https://www.acebeam.com/pokelit-2aa-nbcf-breast-cancer-pink-aaa-flashlight

Notes: The charity sale of Acebeam Pokelit 2AA Pink Flashlight will take one year. Please patiently wait for our official announcement in Sep 2023.