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Picture of X50 2.0 First PD Power Bank Flashlight

X50 2.0 First PD Power Bank Flashlight


If you aim to find a flashlight that is small enough to hold within your hand, and is powerful enough to become a monster of light, X50 2.0 is your ideal choice. X50 2.0 is the first compact practical searchlight with a power bank, that has a max output of 45,000 lumens. It is the brightest flashlight powered by 3X21700 batteries. Featured with PD60W and Type-C input/output, this handheld light also is one outdoor mini power station to charge phones and other devices. PD60W enables the device to be fast-charged within an hour. Waterproof to underwater 2 meters, patented mechanical lockout, and single-handed operation, all these make X50 2.0 perfect for outdoor searching, industrial searching, self-defense, rescuing, and smart power on the go.