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Soon ACEBEAM will roll out D20 2.0, a slightly improved version of a 2019-made D20. D20 was originally designed so that conveniently carriers would not need another item for lighting underwater, and a much-evolved version of it would focus a bit more on the power aspect. This time, considering the use of a much more powerful light underwater, D20 2.0 utilizes an SFT40 for long-distance lighting. To suit the needs of night divers, D20 2.0 comes equipped with a 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has an ultra-long battery life of 5.5 hours!

A fantastic practical use for the D20 2.0 is that it assists in underwater photography. The method of beaming ensures that as soon as it is put to use, various details undersea can become so lighted that the specific area can be a photogenic site for photography. Professional photographers and amateurs alike can find this flashlight to be greatly applicable in situations where they need light to be gathered in picture-perfect ways. 

Because an underwater mission inherently is unstable and potentially dangerous, a thought eventually given to the design of D20 2.0 is that it needs to be able to undergo harsh experiments to remain sturdy and functional. Soon when it is finally revealed to the public, users can discover that it is made of high-strength aero-grade aluminum, with the surface treated with new generation diamond-grade anti-corrosion oxidation, which is denser and thicker than ordinary military-grade three-level oxidation, forming a diamond-like high-strength protective film to resist seawater corrosion fully.

Considering the aspect of the safety of use, the body itself of 2.0 is made with a professional pressure-resistant and waterproof structural design. A special part of this design is the double-layer waterproof O-rings, which not only gives this light the rare ability to be submersible 200 meters below surface sea level, but more importantly completely ensures that water will not enter into the flashlight. With a 9° beam angle, this light can provide an intense focused lighting effect. With the use of this flashlight, the undersea environment can no longer remain hidden from view.

What's more, this light utilizes an ultra-clear tempered glass lens with an anti-reflective coating, which allows the light transmittance to reach an unbelievable 98.3%! This means an ultra-clear and highly transparent light brightening up an area that is almost the truest possible rendering of the scene from below the water. The angel of clarity meets with the angel of transparency, and combined they use their powers to create a fantasy-like underwater bright world.

If you need a powerful enough flashlight to explore the world under the water, now get ready to be surprised by the newest features of ACEBEAM's D20 2.0, which are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. 

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