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Acbeam Long Range Hunting

Acbeam Long Range Hunting

Acebeam is making a name in the outdoor lighting world by "LIGHT WHERE YOU WANT IT", allowing the lights to come with a wide variety of useful modes and output levels. Recently, Acebeam is more focusing on hunting and tactical flashlights.

Beloved outdoor sports, hunting, and tactical require the right tools to ensure a person's safety and convenience. A tactical flashlight with red and green color options greatly aids hunters in spotting prey without disrupting wildlife. First and foremost, a powerful and long-distance LED flashlight will help keep a hunter safe in the wilderness. With no street lights or city lights to illuminate the area around you, nighttime is very dark and extremely difficult to navigate in. With a powerful LED flashlight, you can navigate darker areas or at night time easily and safely.

A hunting flashlight should also have a focused beam and an impressive beam throw. With a focused beam, a hunter is more easily able to see their prey in the distance without illuminating the entire area potentially scaring off other wildlife. Also, with a focused beam, an LED flashlight allows a hunter to see more clearly further away.

Finally, it's important for a hunting flashlight to be compatible with multiple accessories to make hunting easier. Many hunting flashlights will be weapon mountable, available in different colors, and can be compatible with remote pressure switches. The multiple colors can help with different tasks. Green and red colors help preserve night vision and allow the hunter to see in the dark without disrupting prey.

Acebeam newly developed a series (L series) of tactical and hunting flashlights with rather a favorable price, included L17, L18, L35, and L19. They are using Acebeam special custom-designed optical lens, which rather helps with long beam distance.

The L17 is the farthest beam 802meters (2631feet) powered by one single 18650 battery. L17 Green is with 820meters (2690feet) and 2000 lumens; L17 Red is also an option for your hunting and tactical needs.

L18, L35, and L19 are be powered by one single 21700 battery.

The L18 can reach a 1000meters beam by one single 21700 battery.

The L35 is the super bright tactical flashlight with extremely 5000 lumens, the most powerful by one single 21700 battery in the market, and 480 meters long-range throw.

The L19 is with impressive 1.3Kilometers (4265 feet), as the best long range hunting flashlight.

The L Series is featuring with easy-access tail-switches, crenelated strike bezels, and weapon-mounting capabilities. Quick access to its Turbo output and getting to the blinding Strobe mode.

With 1-meter impact resistance, IP68 waterproofing, and reverse polarity protection, you can count on these hunting lights and tactical lights wherever duty takes you.

All of them can be powered li-ion batteries which are with USB-C charging port for your convenience. Quality batteries with circuit protection will reduce the potential of risk. Recommend to take Acebeam batteries, which are protected with 4pcs Mosfets,which can get through high current and against over charge, over discharge, over current, and short-circuit. Which, since these Li-ion Batteries are powerful cells designed for commercial applications, they must be treated with caution and handled with care.

Tips for using of battery:

●  Please fully charge before first use.

●  Use only high quality chargers specifically designed for Lithium-ion batteries.

●  A Lithium-ion battery should NEVER be discharged below 2.5V.

●  NEVER exceed a battery’s maximum continuous discharge rating.

●  DO NOT short-circuit the battery, keep it away from loose change and metal objects.

●  DO NOT use a battery if there is abnormal smell, heat, deformities, or discoloration.

●  DO NOT crush, hit, impact or disassemble a battery.

●  DO NOT dispose of in fire, near fire or high temperature.(more than 60℃/140℉)

●  DO NOT expose in liquid such as water, seawater and soda.

●  If the electrolyte goes into eyes, please wash eyes with clean water immediately and go for a medical treatment.



I love the Acebeam performance; it hasn’t failed me yet!

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