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White Laser

W30 LEP Flashlight


An extremely practical ultra-long-range LEP flashlight for search, rescue and location positioning. Its narrow and intense light can be projected as far as 2.4 kilometers away, with a luminous output of 500 lumens and a luminous intensity of 1,450,000 candelas. This is also a LEP flashlight that can work 100 meters underwater, with a 1.8° beam divergence angle. With exquisite build and practical performance, it is a very attractive ultra-long-distance flashlight.

White Laser Flashlight

W10 White Laser Flashlight


An outstanding long-distance lighting tool. It has a very stable and focused luminous output of 250 lumens, with a luminous length of 1000 meters. It makes you feel safe in the dark, with a self-defense function that is the stainless steel strike bezel. IP68 level waterproof.