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Illuminating the Path To Excellence, A Decade of Innovation and Devotion

Illuminating the Path To Excellence, A Decade of Innovation and Devotion

In a metaphorical sense, the business of lighting can be imagined as a table of cards, and ACEBEAM is often the player that holds the "Ace." This however is not just a metaphor, because one of ACEBEAM's philosophies is to create highly desirable products that fill the niches of the "best," "the most," and "the longest."

When an outdoor enthusiast starts yet another day to explore the physical world again, will he need a better-made tool to discover the unknown?

As ACEBEAM continues to innovate in the lighting industry, it aims to provide users with tools that can "make the most vivid dreams come true" in the darkness.

Here's a story of ACEBEAM's origin.

A group of intrepid adventurers and lighting industry experts embarked on a quest to search for the essential qualities of lighting, starting a life journey to discover and create "the only thing that matters" in the realm of lighting experience. They found out, to their disappointment, about the truth of the lighting industry, where the "extreme range of everything" is often missing, and products were not made for the customer's ultimate satisfaction, especially concerning outdoor activities and special needs. 

In 2009 they established a factory, starting to tentatively solve the issue of the missing categories. In 2014, they resolutely founded ACEBEAM, with a passion for making the "best," "first," "longest," and "most ideal" lighting equipment to satisfy the various needs of outdoor sports, to create a perfect marketplace for this group of consumers. Later ACEBEAM continued to innovate to satisfy the demands of an ever-growing market, expanding the product line by introducing more "out of this world" versions of lighting equipment.

Here's a brief introduction about what ACEBEAM has made.

To satisfy the needs of a variety of professionals and enthusiasts in their fields, ACEBEAM spares no effort in creating five product lines that are specific to such needs and the field's different requirements: Everyday Carry Flashlights, High-Power Flashlights, Tactical Flashlights, Headlamps, and LEP Flashlights. Professional law enforcement, military, firefighting, industrial, automotive, and outdoor applications are lighting solutions manufactured by ACEBEAM. If you like camping, mountain hiking, boating, cycling, and cave exploring, come equipped with an item of ACEBEAM's professionally made and refined products, and you are good to go. Dark nights and environments will be lit with a power that goes beyond what you think you need.

In the category of extreme gears, few can rival ACEBEAM in coming up with the perfect solution to challenge difficult life scenarios. X75 is the brightest power bank flashlight that can produce 80,000 lumens and has an efficient constant-current circuitry and intelligent cooling system, which provides 20,000 lumens for 30 minutes. K75 prides itself on an extreme throw of 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles), with an output of 6,300 lumens, being the flashlight with the longest lighting distance. Terminator M1 Dual Head LEP/LED Flashlight is an EDC flashlight that combines the latest LEP with LED technologies, having both Spotlight and Floodlight functions, and being capable of shooting up to a distance of 1,600 meters (1 mile).

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, ACEBEAM reaffirms the original mission statement, which is to provide the best, the longest range among similar products, based on the principle of achieving peak performance in limited space. For the last 10 years, ACEBEAM has been on the path of illuminating the darkness for those who require the best tools to challenge the unknowable. On this anniversary, ACEBEAM wishes to reassure the users that it will keep developing and innovating to yet again wow them with the newest breakthrough products, letting them be the winners in the dark.



My first Acebeam flashlight was the K40M, featuring CREE MT-G2 LED (max 3,000 lumens and
65000cd), 3x 18650 in a removable battery cage, and a magnetic control ring. It was beefy, it was a performer and it's still relevant. As the years go by, my Acebeam grew as Acebeam continue to produce cool and reliable lights.


Thank you for your support of the flashlight community by considering out opinions and implementing them in your new lights.

Keep on shining the path forward.


For the past 10 years ACEBEAM has reached a remarkable achievement in the filed of Flash Light, and as a custmer in China mainland, there a multiple beam sellers, and ACEBEAM is the most unique and trusted one.  I owned several products like TK17, TK18, Defender P17, L35, L19,E75, Pokelit AA & (Copper), Tactical AA, and the latest T35 etc. And I can search for unkown things in the darkness with the company of ACEBEAM products
When we look up to the night sky and get thrilled at how bright the stars are, we might forget that here's a group of guys, they're making stars, and get satrs in our hands.
Thank you, Song, Kyle, and Shanshan the streamer, for delivering such wonderful expirence to me, keep on shining the path forward and make the most vivid dreams come true