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Picture of Pokelit AA Ti

Pokelit AA Ti


Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the brand's birth, ACEBEAM designed this particularly exquisite flashlight for the special occasion. Compact and unique, its titanium alloy appearance is particularly attractive under the sunlight, and the light itself also emits a captivating beam when you use it. This powerful, efficient light features a high-CRI Nichia LED that gives off a mesmerizing, bright beam with precision digital optics technology for a uniform, smooth spot. It comes with an Acebeam 14500 USB-C rechargeable battery (included), which also can run on AA alkaline/NiMH batteries.

High Performance Flashlight

E75 High-performance Flashlight


If you are looking for a great outdoor adventure with a light tool, the E75 High-Performance flashlight is one of the best choices you can make. Sleek and fanciful looking, it features a quad-core design, with a max throw of 260 meters and a max output of 4500 lumens. Its quad LEDs with a custom reflector offer a smooth beam for close-up or long-range illumination. One of the outstanding features is the all-in-one control switch that lets you easily choose the product's mode, with a circular battery indicator that tells the remaining power levels. You are safer with E75 too, because it has a stainless steel strike bezel that acts as a self-defense weapon, and this tool is applicable under different weather conditions. It is perfect not just for outdoor activities, but also for industrial and maintenance use.

EDC Flashlight

Rider RX 2.0 Ti Special Edition


How exciting it is to celebrate a wild party with a lighting tool that is both a flashlight and a candlelight? Rider RX 2.0 Ti Special Edition comes with a titanium body engraved with a unique blue circuit design. The light build and the glossy feel is sure to make a wonderful gift to send on many occasions. The color rendering index (CRI) is ≥90, compared with a regular LED CRI which is only 70.