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Your Fidget Spinner - Rider RX

Your Fidget Spinner - Rider RX

Acebeam has always pursued the continuous innovation of products. At present, there are many types of AA flashlights on the market with similar functions. So acebeam's design team has been thinking about how to make the EDC flashlight different. It can meet the needs of day-to-day work, let you decompress from stressful work, and can also be given as a gift. So Acebeam developed the Rider RX.

Acebeam Rider RX is the latest model of Acebeam's EDC flashlight. It is a rechargeable EDC flashlight. Stylish, powerful and small. Powered by 14500 lithium-ion battery (included), built-in USBC interface and data cable, can be charged hundreds of times. The large-capacity battery guarantees long-term operation even with prolonged use. Using Nichia 219F LED, with a high color rendering index of 90, it can restore the color of things more realistically, so that it can correctly identify the true color of things under night lights. The stainless steel wire drawing process shell and hollow hole design can not only effectively isolate the heat released by 650 lumens, but also reveal the mysterious blue inner tube, which is a good gift for business. Two-way grip clip design to meet your wearing preferences in different occasions.

The Rider RX can also be clipped to the brim for temporary use as a headlight; it also has a tactical instant light function that turns on the light instantly when the light goes out by pressing the switch halfway.

The biggest special feature of Rider RX is that it is rich in playability: the inner cylinder can be pushed and pulled into an L-shaped position by the ball, and when the metal strikes, the passage brings thrust and repulsion. The hand feels crisp and powerful, bringing you the double enjoyment of touch and hearing! It is an innovative work in the EDC industry.


Oh I like it.

The two-tone of the light is super-sexy, and the beam, while not perfect, is very nice.

It’s a fair bit larger than other 14500 lights, but that’s due to the external stainless shell. Without that, I wouldn’t have the fidget aspect though, so I don’t mind the size increase.

Runtimes are perfectly acceptable for 14500


The design is turning heads and with good reason!!

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