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Brilliant Revival: ACEBEAM Terminator M1 Dual Head LEP Flashlight

Brilliant Revival: ACEBEAM Terminator M1 Dual Head LEP Flashlight

It has been four years since ACEBEAM invented the world's first white laser flashlight. Those years were filled with exploration, research, and an endless desire to redefine light. Then, like a phoenix reborn from the ashes, ACEBEAM reemerges, innovating with cutting-edge technology to present its greatest work yet - the Terminator M1.

Imagine a ray of light that could pierce the veil of darkness, reach out its hand to a staggering 1600 meters, and uncover the mysteries hidden in the depths. The Terminator M1's LEP module is the embodiment of cutting-edge technology that goes beyond mere lighting - it acts as a bridge between realms, offering a glimpse of the unreachable.

But the Terminator M1 isn't content to be a spotlight, it's the embodiment of versatility, easily switching between spotlight and floodlight with a single press of a shortcut key. It is a master of adaptation, capable of shaping itself to the needs of the moment, whether illuminating a vast landscape or leading the way on a narrow lane. It is a miracle of transformation.

The Terminator M1 is more than just a flashlight, it is a tribute to the past and a major step toward the future for ACEBEAM. It is a floodlight that illuminates hidden paths; a spotlight that illuminates the most distant dreams; and a beacon that speaks the language of hope to those lost in darkness. This is a testament to ACEBEAM's unwavering commitment to illuminating the world with light.

The Terminator M1 carries the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of countless innovators. It embodies ACEBEAM's unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and the belief that light can transcend boundaries. The M1 is more than a flashlight; it is a bridge between dreams and reality, illuminating a path of limitless opportunity and lighting a spark of hope in every heart it touches.




About your new fine
Terminator M1
Can both lamps be on at the same time?

I also want to tell a story. Half a year ago when it is really dark here in Sweden I took two lamps:

- W10 Leo
- Defender P16

When I used them at the same time side by side the beam was excellent. Both excellent flod from the P16 and excellent throw from the W10. I thought perhaps you could made such a lamp? It would be very light and easy to carry but at the same time strong with good light.

Perhaps your new lamp is such a lamp? I have not seen any video on it in action yet.


Excellent speech! I share your zeal and passion for illumination! I bought one cause I know its a very special light.

When you consider the price of buying a 21700 flashlight AND a separate LEP flashlight, you realize the price of the M1 Terminator is very good! A very good value.

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