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Return of The King, Acebeam W35 World Premiere!

Return of The King, Acebeam W35 World Premiere!

In 2018, Acebeam took its first giant leap, launching the world's first laser-excited phosphor (LEP) flashlight - the Acebeam W10. This is a historic moment that sets the stage for our mission to illuminate lives. The W10's focused beam captured people's hearts and imaginations, showing us that light can bring not only clarity but also hope.

The following year we achieved the seemingly impossible with the launch of the Acebeam W30, a flashlight with an incredible throw distance of 2400 metres. It was a light that pierced the darkness and fascinated everyone who pursued the extraordinary.

However, this journey is filled with unfulfilled longings. Although critically acclaimed, the W30 was quickly discontinued, leaving a void that desperately needed to be filled. We knew we had to come back with something that not only exceeded expectations but illuminated the world in new ways. This is where Acebeam W35 comes into play.

W35 is the first  LC DEL(Liquid Crystal Diffractive Electro-optic Lens) zoom LEP flashlight. A simple electronic switch operation can easily achieve electronic shaping from a narrow spot to a large flood light without any mechanical system, no additional optics, and no need to change the size.

At the same time, W35 has once again raised its long-distance projection capability to a new level, with a maximum beam distance of 2,600 meters. Compared to the W30, the W35 also has a floodlight function, making it equally good at illuminating large areas and providing a smooth, even beam. It uses an Acebeam 21700 battery and is equipped with a USB-C charging port on the tail cover, which is enough for outdoor activities, patrolling, inspection, or hunting.

The launch of ACEBEAM W35 represents the return of glory, the rekindling of dreams, and the dawn of a new era of flashlight technology.



I am so excited to be one of the 1st people on youtube to test this.
I just got it,as soon as it arrives I'll b3 revewing it on my youtube channel Bigpapafoot reviews.
Acebeam makes the best leps.proud to say this is my 1st lep. From you ❤️

Been using the LA60s zoomable LEP, this would be so much more convenient without having to use two hands to change focus.
Will give it a try thank you.

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